The mother-in-law lived in her son’s house for 3 years, and the pension is all paid to her daughter. Daughter-in-law: Don’t blame me for being unkind

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The mother-in-law lived in her son’s house for 3 years, and the pension is all paid to her daughter. Daughter-in-law: Don’t blame me for being unkind


The unfair distribution of money in a family can definitely cause a bloodbath. In the face of her own daughter and "outsider" daughter-in-law, the mother-in-law gives unfair money, which is equivalent to provoking trouble among the children. In fact, not to mention the intolerance between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, even if it is between several children of one's own, the unfairness of the money will be fought. But mothers-in-law often think that their daughter-in-law is not her own family, so she justly favors her own daughter. Xiaoxue (pseudonym) used practical actions to educate her mother-in-law and let her realize the fate of eccentricity.


Xiaoxue and her husband had just been married for 2 years when her mother-in-law moved into their home in the name of retirement. In fact, Xiaoxue is very reluctant to live with her mother-in-law. From psychological factors to objective economic conditions, she feels that it is not suitable to live with her mother-in-law now. Xiaoxue and her husband, Xiaowei (pseudonym), met in college. Xiaowei is 2 years older than Xiaoxue. After graduation, he found a good job and waited for the schoolgirl to join the company after graduation. Loving together. Xiaoxue also developed very smoothly, and went to that company after graduation. Don't look at their relationship is good, but the economic conditions are not very good. The two of them originally lived in small 4th-tier cities. They were admitted to this 2nd-tier city. Although they are not as stressful as the 1st-tier cities, the housing prices are not cheap and the consumption is not low. It can be said that the two of them spent a lot of money on the family during the four years of college, and living expenses alone are a lot of expenses. Moreover, their parents said that they should study hard and were not allowed to work part-time, for fear that they would be distracted and fail the class, and their studies would be in vain. So the two rented a house to live together after working, just to save money for the family. Until Xiaoxue and her boyfriend got married, their savings were far from enough to buy a house in this second-tier city. They could only use the money from their family to pay the down payment for the house, and then repay the loan together. Her husband, Xiao Wei, has a younger sister, who is 4 years younger than him. She looks like a warm and lively girl. After Xiaoxue got married, she learned that her sister-in-law and her mother-in-law lived together. She thought that her mother-in-law would give up her sister-in-law and then retire in her hometown. After all, both her husband and sister-in-law were young and needed time to work hard in their careers. However, two years after Xiaoxue and her husband got married, her mother-in-law came to the door with a large and small bag of luggage. And her mother-in-law didn't say hello to anyone beforehand, and she looked righteous. It was impossible for Xiaoxue to drive her mother-in-law out, so she could only let her in. When she learned that her mother-in-law was going to stay, Xiaoxue felt bad about it, but she could only clean up the room and let her mother-in-law stay. Xiaoxue and her husband did not have children, which made her mother-in-law very unhappy, and she often nagged about it after she came. At the beginning, the husband would patiently explain to his mother: "We don't want children, isn't this a mortgage payment? I'm going to save a few more years and then talk about having a baby." Within 3 months, the mother-in-law had been nagging about this. It happened dozens of times, but my husband lost his patience and stopped responding. Then the mother-in-law began to nag at her daughter-in-law, which made Xiaoxue very helpless and upset. After a year, Xiaoxue and her husband were finally ready to have a child at the urging of her mother-in-law. Xiaoxue felt aggrieved, but she was getting older. With my mother-in-law's mind. After she became pregnant, her mother-in-law's attitude changed for the better. Xiaoxue only hoped that her mother-in-law was not a patriarchal person. If she gave birth to a daughter, her mother-in-law had better not shy. Xiaoxue also secretly thought that if the mother-in-law dares to have any dissatisfaction with her daughter, she will drive this mother-in-law out! However, her mother-in-law is really not a man who prefers sons to daughters. She has never said "it's better to have a boy", and Xiaoxue was hungry and gave birth to a daughter in the end. Her mother-in-law was not dissatisfied at all, but rather happy. Xiaoxue breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that her mother-in-law would be satisfied as long as she sees her son's successor. In this way, her mother-in-law lived in Xiaoxue's house for 3 years. During these 3 years, Xiaoxue tried her best to understand her mother-in-law and get along well with her. She felt that she had done her best to serve her mother-in-law with great confidence, and she also felt that the relationship between the two had become very good. Although it was not as good as that of a mother and daughter, it was a rare harmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law has never boasted of her sister-in-law in front of her, so Xiaoxue is very confident in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Xiaoxue trusts her mother-in-law so much, but she never thought that her mother-in-law has actually been "playing" her for three years: while enjoying the filial piety and thoughtfulness of her daughter-in-law, she saves her pension and secretly gives it to her daughter. Xiaoxue didn't know about this at first. After all, she had never paid attention to her mother-in-law's pension, but that day Xiaoxue accompanied her mother-in-law to the mall and came to a high-end shoe store. The clerk greeted her mother-in-law very familiarly. The clerk asked, "Why didn't you come with your daughter this time? Is this another daughter?" The mother-in-law said in a panic, "This is my daughter-in-law." She pulled Xiaoxue and wanted to leave, which aroused Xiaoxue's vigilance. Most of the shoes in this store are priced at four or five thousand, but the clerk is so familiar with the mother-in-law, and asked the sister-in-law? But my sister-in-law works far away from the third ring road in the north of the city. When did she come here to go shopping with her mother-in-law, Xiaoxue and her husband didn't know? After returning home, Xiaoxue asked her reluctantly. Only then did she learn that her mother-in-law often met with her sister-in-law in private, bought expensive clothes for her, and gave all her pension to her. Xiaoxue got angry when she heard it, and asked: "I have given you the pension for 3 years and I have never treated you badly. Even if you don't want to give the money to your son, why don't you keep it for your own pension? You give all the money to you. Your daughter just wants to spend all our money, right? Don't blame me for being unkind! Move me into your daughter's house today, don't live in my house!" Xiaoxue chased her mother-in-law away, and later heard that they Mothers and daughters often quarrel over money, and they deserve it!


Every family has a hard scripture to read and a hard account to calculate. Some mothers-in-law can settle this account. Although the grievances and grievances are unclear, they can soothe everyone's mood and prevent relatives from making trouble for something. Some mothers-in-law just do what they want, just to make themselves happy, and have absolutely no idea of ​​the overall situation of the whole family. One: If you want to enjoy your old age in peace, don’t treat your daughter-in-law as a mother-in-law’s old age. You must rely on your children. In a Chinese-style family, the daughter-in-law is the “main force” to serve the mother-in-law. Some mothers-in-law think that the daughter-in-law must serve her anyway, and it doesn't matter if she is not good to the daughter-in-law, the son will discipline her. So this kind of mother-in-law will recklessly treat her son and daughter well, and deliberately treat her daughter-in-law as a human being. This approach no longer works, especially for women entering the city. In a more civilized environment, women will realize that it is wrong to be oppressed by their mother-in-law, and they have the right to live a good life. Therefore, if the mother-in-law wants to enjoy her old age in peace, she must have a clear mind. Don't deliberately bully her daughter-in-law, and don't deliberately ignore her daughter-in-law as a human being. Two: Don't put eggs in the same basket In fact, for mother-in-law, there is a son and a daughter to count on, but they should be treated more carefully. In particular, don't choose to favor a certain child, be sure to treat them equally and impartially. After all, people’s hearts are unpredictable. On the surface, some people seem to be filial, and they can say something to make their parents happy, but when their parents need them to care for them, they want to shirk their responsibilities. This is like buying a stock, it contains a lot of uncertainty, and unexpected situations will occur. If parents favor a certain child according to their own preferences, and give all resources and love to this child, but he suddenly becomes a white-eyed wolf in the future, the parents will go to mend with another neglected child at this time. relationship, it's too late. Neglected children are also likely to be resentful and may also ignore their parents. Therefore, even for future retirement considerations, smart parents will not put their eggs in the same basket. Even soaking in the rain and dew is a more advanced management method and has a longer-term view. Text/Fenghua

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