Bisexual couples: Remarried men should do "three no questions"

time:2023-01-30 06:10:42 author:Single woman
Bisexual couples: Remarried men should do "three no questions"

In today's society, high bride price and high divorce rate are two related social hot topics. For men, marriage is difficult. First, it is difficult to find a partner. The main reason is the imbalance between men and women, with more men than women. Second, the cost of marriage is high, and a large amount of betrothal gift money is required. , there are more than 20,000 to 300,000, or even more; in addition to the betrothal money, before marriage, you have to buy a car, buy a house, buy electrical appliances, furniture, daily necessities, etc., and even hold a wedding banquet, it will cost a lot of money . Men are also afraid of divorce after marriage, because divorce shows that most of the money spent in the previous marriage was wasted, and the loss must be very heavy; if you want to continue living after divorce, you have to find another partner to marry, and you will spend a lot of money. pen money. Therefore, for remarried men, the second marriage should be cherished even more. Whoever falls on this kind of thing will be "bitten by a snake once, and afraid of a rope for ten years." Divorce is out of fear! If a man who remarries wants to maintain a good second marriage, he should do "three no questions".

First: Do not ask each other the reason for divorce

Remarried men and women have strong self-esteem, and it is most taboo for others to ask themselves the reason for divorce , This is a personal privacy, do not want others to know, so remarriage men should not ask each other the reason for divorce. No matter the reason for the divorce of the other party is due to personal shortcomings and deficiencies, it is a past thing, and it has become history. When the other party gets married again, they will reflect on it, learn a lesson, and make up their minds to correct their shortcomings and deficiencies, and start over. Therefore, not asking the other party the reason for the divorce is also a kind of trust. I believe that in the new marriage and family life, the other party will cherish this love.

Second: Don't ask the other party's previous emotional experience

Previous emotional experience, failed marriage, is a pain and helplessness to everyone, can only be deeply Buried in the bottom of my heart, I rarely touch myself, and I don't want others to touch my privacy. Therefore, don't ask the other person's previous emotional experience. This is also to maintain the other party's self-esteem and protect the other party's right to retain privacy. .

Third: Don’t ask how much private money the other party had before marriage

The money and property of each other before marriage belonged to individuals. Most of the remarried couples will notarize their property before marriage, which is a legal act to preserve their property. Most people do not want to have their property notarized before marriage. First, they find it troublesome and the procedures are cumbersome. Second, they don't want others to know their privacy. The private money of an individual before marriage is personal property, and he has the right to control it. After marriage, these private money can be kept secret or used to subsidize family living expenses. This is one's own freedom. Therefore, remarriage men should not ask how much private money the other party has before marriage. If they want you to know, they will take the initiative to tell you. If they don’t want you to know, they may prevaricate if you ask, and even cause the other party’s disgust and dislike. Joy, affects the relationship between husband and wife. In short, there are many sensitive topics that remarriage couples should not ask. It involves the personal privacy of each other, and should not be asked. This way, giving each other a certain amount of space and freedom is conducive to maintaining the relationship between husband and wife and the relationship between husband and wife.

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