My aunt is divorced and lives in her parents’ home, and she asks my sister-in-law to get away when they quarrel. My younger brother: This is our home, it’s you who should get away

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My aunt is divorced and lives in her parents’ home, and she asks my sister-in-law to get away when they quarrel. My younger brother: This is our home, it’s you who should get away


Some older sisters are "brothers" who owe their husbands and prefer their younger brothers; The pit brother, not only does not have the appearance of a sister, but also lacks the basic qualities of a mature and independent person. This kind of sister is very special. She believes that her family is her confidence and considers herself the "princess" of her family. As everyone knows, she is actually a burden to her family. Xiao Feng (pseudonym) couldn't handle his own feelings well.


Xiaofeng's family of 4 lives in an ordinary third-tier city. They live in the old city and live under low pressure. . However, one common feature of the old city is that most of the residents are elderly people, and they are more fond of gossip among neighbors. The news of Xiaofeng's divorce from her husband spread throughout the community within 3 days. When Xiao Feng had just graduated from university, she had only been with her boyfriend for two years. Before she entered the society, she was arguing about marrying her boyfriend. At that time, Xiao Feng's parents were very opposed to her getting married so early, and hoped that she would be more mature and consider marriage. Unexpectedly, because of this, Xiao Feng had a big fight with his parents and moved to the house rented by her boyfriend and lived with her boyfriend. Xiao Feng was born in the 1970s. Although the atmosphere was much more open at that time, the old people in the old city could not accept this kind of story. Many neighbors felt that Xiao Feng's style was not very good after hearing about it. Xiao Feng has been the little princess in the family since she was a child. Her character has always been very confident, and she doesn't care about other people's opinions at all. Later, Xiao Feng's parents couldn't stand being discussed by the surrounding neighbors, so they compromised with their daughter and let her marry her boyfriend. It's interesting to say, in fact, Xiao Feng's parents don't want her to get married so early. Another reason is that they didn't like this son-in-law. On the one hand, he is also a college student who has just graduated. On the one hand, the parents had seen this boy, and found that he was quite blind, and he didn't speak much, so he couldn't see any ability. The parents also told their daughters about these issues, but the daughters did not listen, and instead resented the attitudes of the parents. She just doesn't allow anyone to say "bad things" about her boyfriend, and her thoughts are extreme. The result of not listening to the persuasion is that she is completely gambling on luck. Xiao Feng obviously lost the bet. She and her boyfriend were married for only 3 years and then divorced. Because the marriage house was bought by the husband's family, Xiao Feng himself had no car or house. When he first divorced, he felt very embarrassed, so he rented a room outside without telling the family. It's a good thing that the neighbors told Xiao Feng's parents, "Do you know that your daughter is divorced?" Only then did they find out the truth. The man had an extramarital affair, and he even took action against Xiao Feng. Parents feel distressed for their daughter and let her move back to her parents' home. Xiao Feng's "princess disease" was committed again, and she didn't want to let others look down on her, and she didn't want to be laughed at, so she refused. But her refusal was not sincere. She also wanted to go home and live, but she couldn't save face. She had to be begged, urged, and asked to go back to live. Knowing her temper, the parents asked their younger son to drive Xiao Feng back to live and help her carry things. Only then did Xiao Feng "condescend" to return to her parents' house. Another year later, the younger brother also got married. The bride was very beautiful. Seeing his younger sister-in-law's bright and beautiful appearance, Xiao Feng looked at himself, and unexpectedly felt jealous. The younger brother is a good man, and he loves his wife very much. After marriage, he rushes to do housework and buys delicious food for his wife. All of this stimulated Xiao Feng's fragile self-esteem. She always compared herself with her sister-in-law. She felt that she was so good but no one loved her, and she felt very unbalanced, so she often satirized her sister-in-law. The younger sister-in-law's character is relatively indifferent, and she is not angry when she is treated like this by her aunt, and directly ignores her as air. This made Xiao Feng even more angry. She has never been so blatantly ignored by someone who loves face so much, so she hated this sister-in-law even more, as if her unhappiness was the fault of her sister-in-law, and her thoughts became more and more paranoid. . Xiao Feng, whose temper is getting worse and worse, is not only angry with his sister-in-law, but also often sarcastic to his younger brother and parents. For example, parents bought fresh fruit and asked his sister-in-law to eat her favorite grapes. Xiao Feng thought that his parents didn't call him, so he sneered and said, "It's amazing, good things are enjoyed by the closest people, like a father like me. Who cares if I don't kiss my mother and don't love me?" For example, in winter, when my brother bought a pair of 80 yuan snow boots for his sister-in-law, Xiao Feng immediately rolled his eyes and said, "Don't you love your wife the most? 80 yuan shoes are too embarrassing for your fairy to wear? Pretentious." My brother and parents have long been accustomed to Xiao Feng's stinky temper, and after so many years, everyone is too lazy to care about her. In addition, Xiao Feng's husband's derailment hit her hard, and he got divorced, so her family ignored her strange remarks. But the sister-in-law couldn't stand the grievance. She loved her husband very much, and was very filial to her mother-in-law and father-in-law. She knew that her aunt had been targeting her. When her aunt was angry again, she and her aunt had a fight. Xiao Feng finally found an opportunity to vent his anger and said a lot of ugly things to his sister-in-law. The quarrel between the two became more and more intense, but Xiao Feng was unreasonable, and he was speechless after arguing. In a hurry, Xiao Feng scolded his sister-in-law, "Get out of my house for me." This is all right, the younger brother who had been persuading the fight finally got angry, he said to his sister: "This is our house, it's you who should get out!" After that, the younger brother went directly to the sister's room, dragged her suitcase out, and tidied it up indiscriminately. He put the clothes inside, pushed Xiao Fenglian out of the door with the box, and warned her not to come back to harass them. Xiao Feng didn't know, because she was too "contrived", in the hearts of her parents and younger brother, she was no longer the little princess that everyone loved, and no one would tolerate her bad habits.


There are some people whose minds have never been very mature, their ability to reason is very poor, and they never reflect on themselves. Maybe it was because they were spoiled too much since childhood, which made their characters more stubborn, so that their ability to communicate with people deteriorated. Such people usually have a very poor attitude towards their parents and relatives, but they can be polite and polite to outsiders. One: People should learn to be responsible for their own life. Some people like to find the cause from others when something goes wrong. They want to find a fault for the failure of the incident, or find someone who can bear the negative impact of the incident. To rely on him, let him help yourself. Such people often choose to rely on their parents, and if they are married, they rely on their spouses. This kind of dependence is very excessive, and I can't wait to let the other party be responsible for their own clothing, food, housing and transportation, and to support themselves. But in the process of growing up, normal people must learn to be responsible for their own life, gradually take over the management of themselves from their parents, and at the same time learn to be completely responsible for their own words and deeds. Therefore, the essence of "woliheng" is to want to do things and enjoy freely, but not to take responsibility for one's own mistakes. When they cause trouble, they never think about whether their family members will be implicated, and when problems arise, they force their family members to help themselves. Two: Economic independence and personality independence are the basis for maturity. For a person to become mature, the first step is to live alone and bear his own living expenses. The independence of the economy catalyzes the independence of the personality. Because you have all the financial expenses, you will know how to save money and how to choose between many things you want. In mastering and planning for themselves, people learn how to make their lives better. Some people are not mature enough, just can't force themselves to be cruel, and can't live a completely independent life. Even if such people live alone, they must ask relatives and friends for their opinions when making decisions, and always let others help them make up their minds. They seem to be financially independent, but in fact their personalities are still unsound. Therefore, economic independence is the foundation of personality independence, but only when personality independence is truly achieved can one become mature. It's very important to stop asking others' opinions on everything, stop looking for a "bearer" for your own failures, learn to be responsible for yourself, and make yourself an equal to your family, rather than a burden to your family. Text/Fenghua

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