After a woman gets married, which one is closer to her husband's family or her parents' family? Three women express their true feelings

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After a woman gets married, which one is closer to her husband's family or her parents' family? Three women express their true feelings

A woman will have two homes in her life, one is her parents’ family, where she grew up, and the other is her husband’s family after marriage. These two homes are of great significance to women. Her mother’s family is the support and confidence behind her, and her husband’s family is the one who will stay for the rest of her life. place. For the only child, there is not much change after marriage. The family of the mother and the family of the in-laws are like one family, regardless of each other. However, for a family with many children and brothers and sisters, after the daughter gets married, the natal family and the in-law's family will exist with their own meanings. What we are going to discuss today is after the daughters of multi-child families get married, in their hearts, which one is closer to her husband's family or her parents' family.

Ms. Guan: I thought my parents' family was closer, but after some things I realized that my husband's family is the rest of my life

I am not a brother-in-law. I'm not a brother-in-law, but because of the love of my parents since I was a child, after I got married, I still felt that my parents' family was closer in my heart. In the first few years of my marriage, I had to go back to my parents’ home during the New Year and holidays, carrying gifts in large and small bags and money to honor my parents. I thought that the home I grew up in would always be my home, to come back to when I needed help and support. Later facts proved that I was too naive. In the eyes of my parents or brothers, from the moment I got married, I was already someone else's family, and when I came back, I was a guest. It is still a very different guest. If this guest returns to his parents' home empty-handed, he will not be treated well. After I understood the thoughts of my parents and brothers, I no longer put my parents’ family in the first place. I worked hard to manage my in-law’s family, because I knew that my in-law’s family is the rest of my life and the place where I will stay for the rest of my life. If this place doesn't last, then I probably don't have a home.

Ms. Li: I don't kiss anyone, I can't trust anyone, only myself

My life is not good, I'm not valued in my parents' family, Growing up like a piece of grass, after getting married, I thought I would have my own home from now on, but as a result, fate gave me another problem. In my mother-in-law's house, my mother-in-law was in control of the sky and the earth. The house she bought was written in her name, her husband Mabao, and her bad temper was only for me. At my in-law's house, I am still alive like a grass with no future in sight. My mother's family and my husband's family, these two homes that are of great significance to other women, are nothing to me, no one is close, and no one can be trusted. Now, I have learned to be self-improving, and I can only rely on myself, and I no longer think of relying on anyone.

Ms. Fan: If you manage your husband's family well, you will be honorable in your mother's house, and vice versa

In fact, every daughter is a duckweed, Except for the only child. I am precocious, and I understood very early that only when you live well can you have the opportunity to choose your own life. When I got married, the condition of my husband's family was the reason why I decided to marry him. After getting married, I was cautious, worked hard, and lived a good life. Every time I go back to my parents' home, neither my siblings nor my parents dare to neglect me. I have a good relationship with my maiden's family, which also gives me confidence in my husband's family. My friends all envy me, but they don’t know that today’s situation was planned a long time ago. I have seen through human nature a long time ago. No one will sympathize with the weak, and the same is true of relatives.

Concluding remarks

There seems to be no unified answer to which of the in-laws and the maiden’s family is more pro important. If there is no accident, the husband's family will be the rest of his life, and the mother's family is at most once. A daughter is different from a son. The son keeps his business, the daughter is married, and the son has only one home in his life, but the daughter has to move from the home of her childhood to another's home, integrate into other people's lives, and start a new life with strangers. For daughters, both her parents' and her in-laws feel important and want to cherish them. Unfortunately, everything in the world has its own laws, not just what you want. After her daughter was married, the nature of her parents' family had changed, and even if they kissed again, it would be completely different. No matter how bad the in-law's family is, as long as you don't get divorced, it will be the rest of your life. If this is the basis, then the in-law's family should be more intimate than her parents' family.

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