"I was wrong" Seeing that her son works during the day and sleeps in the hospital at night, the mother who is partial to her son regrets it

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"I was wrong" Seeing that her son works during the day and sleeps in the hospital at night, the mother who is partial to her son regrets it


Many people hate son preference and hope that this unequal way of education will disappear. But to this day, there are still many parents who prefer sons to daughters, and their thoughts may be subtly influenced by public opinion. The moment they have a son, their preference is awakened. They prefer sons, but do not understand the true meaning of son preference. The favored son actually has more responsibility and is the one who suffers the most. Xiao Di (pseudonym) is favored by her mother, and her sister is sad and cannot go home. Xiao Di accompanies her father alone and teaches her a lesson.


Xiao Di has a family of 4. He has a sister who is 3 years older than him. Since Xiao Di was sensible, he felt that his sister was very indifferent. She would not bully Xiao Di, but she also didn't want to pay attention to this younger brother at all, which made Xiao Di very sad. I remember that in the summer of the age of 8, Xiao Di finished his homework after coming home from school and wanted to play with his sister, but found that her sister had already gone out, and her mother told him: "Your sister went to Building 21, you can go and have a look. ." Xiao Di ran out of the house and ran wildly in the community, he wanted to play with his sister. After chasing him all the way, Xiao Di saw his sister's figure walking slowly in front of him. He shouted at the back, but when his sister looked back and saw him, she turned around and ran away, and disappeared into a building. Xiao Di chased after him and entered the corridor, but his sister was nowhere to be seen for a long time, and finally he went home alone in silence. Later, when Xiao Di grew up, he realized that his parents had always favored him and neglected his sister, so her sister also treated everyone in the family with the same indifference and alienation. It's just that Xiao Di's mind was full of play when he was a child, and he didn't know his sister's mind at all. When Xiao Di was in college, he learned what it means to prefer sons over daughters. He felt a little ashamed of his sister, so he took the initiative to contact his sister who was already working. At first, my sister didn't talk to him, and it was a little embarrassing. Later, the relationship between the two gradually became familiar and became like good friends. Only then did Xiao Di feel what a "sister and brother" is, and this is the first time he understands Sister's personality and preferences. The relationship between Xiao Di and her sister is getting better and better, and she is more and more disgusted with the practice of parents who prefer sons to daughters. However, her parents were obsessed, especially her mother. It seemed that her mother-in-law had brainwashed her and educated her. Coupled with the influence of the environment of the older generation, her mother regarded "preference of sons over daughters" as her life creed. Xiao Di reminded her mother to take care of her sister several times, but her mother said, "You can just take care of yourself. What are you doing?" The people were reunited and harmonious, but unexpectedly, it made the mother more determined to prefer sons over daughters. The mother even called the eldest daughter to scold her, saying that she disturbed her younger brother's life, and that she was teaching her younger brother behind her parents' backs, crying with her brother, and slandering the eldest daughter for trying to cheat money from her parents. It's all right now, my elder sister and her younger brother had already unraveled the knot, but now she not only hates her parents, but also misunderstood her younger brother. When Xiao Di knew what his mother had done, he went to call his sister, but found that her sister had blocked him. Xiao Di didn't give up, called her sister with another mobile phone number, and added her as a friend with another account, trying to explain to her sister, but her sister directly changed the number and completely cut off contact with her family. Xiao Di was heartbroken. No way, Xiao Di can only go to school while trying to get in touch with her sister and ask for her forgiveness. A few years later, Xiao Di has graduated from college and found a job. He has financial ability and contacts. With the help of his friends, he finally found his sister's new contact information. He did not dare to make a phone call, so he wrote a long letter letter sent. Xiao Di finally got her sister's forgiveness and solved the misunderstanding between her sister and brother, but her sister still couldn't forgive her parents. At this moment, Xiao Di suddenly learned that his father was sick and hospitalized, and his sister refused to go home to visit her parents. When Xiao Di had an idea, he realized that he could use his father's illness to make his mother change her mind. Because his father's disease is a normal elderly disease, and the situation is not serious, Xiao Di carried out his plan with confidence. Xiao Di first got the information from the doctor that "the patient should be accompanied by someone at night", and then he went straight to the hospital after get off work every day, ate random food in the hospital cafeteria, and slept in the ward at night to accompany his father in bed. At the beginning, the mother was very moved, and she said that her son was very filial. Half a month later, Xiao Di lost a few kilograms quickly because of diet and exercise. Her mother saw it and thought she was tired, and she felt very distressed. The mother advised her son not to come to bed with him, but Xiao Di refused. Xiao Di maintained this kind of life for a month and a half, came to bed every night, and went on a crazy diet to lose weight during the day. In order to make himself look worse, Xiao Di slept very late at night, played with his mobile phone and paid attention to his father's condition, and stayed up until more than 1 am before going to bed. So Xiao Di successfully got two dark circles under his eyes again. As he stayed up late every day, his face became worse. Mother was completely anxious, she told Xiao Di not to come to the hospital to stay in bed, but Xiao Di asked back: "If my father is very ill and must be served like this all day long? Mom, if you are sick, I have to serve you like this too. But if my sister is here, it won't be like this." Mother was stunned, she muttered to herself: "If your sister is here, you two can take turns serving your father..." Xiao Di said, "Yes, But you broke my sister's heart, you don't treat her as your own, so I can only trade my health for my dad's health." The mother cried, saying "I was wrong", and immediately called her daughter and asked Daughter apologizes. Of course, the relationship between mother and daughter will not be repaired with just one phone call. The mother also needs to give her daughter more love and apology to restore this relationship.


This kind of patriarchal preference is very annoying in modern times. If it is said that in ancient times people had to prioritize sons over daughters because of productivity and other issues, and many people chose to "accept their fate", then modern people ignore the value of daughters and still do behaviors that favor sons over daughters, it would be sheer stupidity. Whether it is from feelings or from practical interests, there is no good result in favoring sons over daughters. One: Preference for sons over daughters is also equivalent to "exhausted sons." In ancient times, people would not have only one son, so the responsibility of supporting parents would not be placed on only one son. But now it is different. In a multi-child family, most of them have only one son and the other is a daughter. In this case, the preference for sons over daughters is equivalent to becoming an only-child family. We all know that the pressure of an only-child family to support the elderly is very high. One person has to support two elderly people. Even if they are married, it is a situation where two people support four elderly people. If the elderly on both sides are sick at the same time, and there are children at home, it will simply kill the young couple. Therefore, it is a very stupid behavior to favor sons over women in contemporary times. It not only discriminates against women, but also doubles the energy of men, making it difficult for both children. Two: Smart parents know how to adapt to the times and make changes. The times have changed, and people's lifestyles should also change. Those who can't think in line with the times, blindly follow the rules of the old times, and think they can be safe by being conservative and conservative. Living peacefully is not the case. For example, in the case of favoring sons over women, in ancient times, the social order was poor, women were unsafe and inconvenient to move outside, and gradually they were regarded as a vulnerable group. protective oppression". Parents focus on training men and discriminate against women, which has gradually become a "rule". But now women are living in a safe environment and have the right to go to school and work. A safe environment is also the basic guarantee for women to exert their labor ability. Then parents continue to discriminate against their daughters, which is a waste of resources. Women can be financially independent and have a better life, but how can they be discriminated against? Therefore, smart parents have long known to take care of their daughters. They know that their daughters can live freely, have the ability to work, become a member of the support parents, and have the same social value as men. Text/Fenghua

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