"You will always be my daughter-in-law" The family was broken up by girlfriends. After divorced from her husband, her mother-in-law took out the family property

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"You will always be my daughter-in-law" The family was broken up by girlfriends. After divorced from her husband, her mother-in-law took out the family property


Marriage is beautiful and sacred, and every couple should be committed to it. Take this hard-won relationship seriously, and don't trample the love and trust of the other half at will. Loyalty to marriage is respect for yourself and your other half. Qiao Xia's (pseudonym) husband cheated on her best friend and wanted to abandon her and the child to choose a divorce. Fortunately, Qiao Xia has a good mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law chose to live with her and gave her all the family property.


Qiao Xia's parents died early, so after she married Guan Yong (pseudonym), she was very kind to Guan Yong's mother. Guan Yong's mother also likes Qiao Xia, who is kind, smart and filial. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have never had any conflicts. Guan Yong was busy with work and paid little attention to his mother. Guan Yong's mother often felt lonely. But since Qiao Xia got married, she has been with her mother-in-law every day, which makes her mother-in-law feel very relieved. It is because the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get along so well that Guan Yong feels that he is an outsider. Qiao Xia's married life is very happy. Because her mother-in-law is very rich, she often buys various brand-name clothes and cosmetics for Qiao Xia. Qiao Xia's best friend Liang Ya (pseudonym) looked at Qiao Xia's different brand-name clothes, and she was envious. After knowing that these were bought by Qiao Xia's mother-in-law, she couldn't help but be jealous of Qiao Xia. Liang Ya turned over to look at Qiao Xia's brand-name bag, and sarcastically said that she did not expect that a person as mediocre as Qiao Xia could fly on the branches and become a phoenix. Liang Ya was moved, and since then she began to approach Guan Yong intentionally or unintentionally. Liang Ya is also very beautiful, and when she goes to Guan Yong, she is moved. Liang Ya easily won Guan Yong. Guan Yong was fascinated by the enthusiastic Liang Ya, and fell deeper and deeper. And Qiao Xia was ordinary in appearance, and even more blessed after giving birth. It just so happened that Liang Ya was also urging Guan Yong to marry her, and Guan Yong also thought of divorce. When Guan Yong said he was going to get a divorce, his mother was the first to stand up against it and scolded Guan Yong. The divorce was delayed again and again, but Liang Ya found out she was pregnant, and now Liang Yake couldn't hold back her breath. Liang Ya went directly to Qiao Xia's house with the test results, and explained her intentions straight to the point. Qiao Xia couldn't believe that Guan Yong would cheat, and the object of cheating was her best friend. Qiao Xia called Guan Yong and told him to come back quickly. After Guan Yong came back, he knew what happened when he saw Liang Ya there. Guan Yong simply did not hide it, and directly said that he would divorce Qiao Xia and marry Liang Ya. Guan Yong's mother looked at this unsatisfactory son, and she was not angry, she raised her fist and hit Guan Yong. Said that if Guan Yong dared to marry this vixen, he would sever the mother-son relationship with him. But no matter how Qiao Xia kept her and how Guan Yong's mother persuaded him, Guan Yong was determined to divorce Qiao Xia. Looking at the cruel Guan Yong, Guan Yong's mother remembered that Guan Yong's father also abandoned her for the mistress, and she hated being the mistress since then. But Guan Yong's mother never imagined that Guan Yong would follow in his father's footsteps. Qiao Xia's mother-in-law wiped her tears and said, "You will always be my daughter-in-law. I don't want this son, but I want you too. You will be my daughter in the future, and my mother will always be on your side." Having said that, Qiao Xia was even more aggrieved. Even her mother-in-law knew how good she was, but Guan Yong didn't know that she would cheat on her. The mother-in-law looked at Qiao Xia, who was crying more and more fiercely, and sighed, and turned back to the room. After a while, the mother-in-law came out with two bank cards, took Qiao Xia's hand and said, "I will transfer this house to you, and we will live together with my grandson in the future. These two bank cards are my everything. I'll give you the savings. I'll give you all the property, and I won't let that fox spend half a cent of our family." Qiao Xia took the bank card her mother-in-law had forced her into. Seeing that her mother-in-law was worried, she couldn't help but hug her again. The mother-in-law cried. The mother-in-law patted Qiao Xia's back in distress and comforted her softly. The house and car in the family were written in the name of Qiao Xia's mother-in-law, so she changed the two houses and two cars in the family to Qiao Xia's name without the knowledge of Guan Yong. Qiao Xia thought that her mother-in-law was just talking, but she didn't expect her mother-in-law to really do this. Seeing that Qiao Xia hesitated, her mother-in-law said, "I don't think I have this son anymore, so you can take me as your mother. If you remarry in the future, I won't stop you, as long as the man treats my grandson well." Qiao Although Xia's husband cheated, but fortunately she still has a good mother-in-law. Qiao Xia was very moved and held her mother-in-law's arm tightly, like a wronged child. After Qiao Xia and Guan Yong completed the divorce procedures, Guan Yong couldn't wait to register and marry Liang Ya. When Guan Yong took Liang Ya home to see his mother, he discovered that the lock of his house had been changed, and he slammed the door angrily. After Guan Yong's mother opened the door, she blocked the door and prevented two people from entering. Before Guan Yong could say anything, his mother said, "I have already transferred the house and car to Qiao Xia, and I have given her all the money. Don't want to spend a penny on me. If you come in now, it's just a private intrusion. House." Guan Yong asked his mother if he was biological, how could he treat him like this. Guan Yong picked up the marriage certificate again and said that he and Liang Ya were married, and Liang Ya was also pregnant, so his mother couldn't treat them like this. Guan Yong's mother said that the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked, and she does not recognize the child that Fox Jing has conceived. Who knows if it will grow crooked in the future. Guan Yong's mother told them to leave quickly and pursue the so-called true love. Liang Ya's dream was shattered. She didn't expect Guan Yong's mother to do such a thing. Not only did she not recognize the child in her womb, but even her own son could be turned away. Guan Yong and Liang Ya could only go back to Liang Ya's rental house. Liang Ya wanted to divorce, but the child in her belly was too old to fight. Liang Ya thought that if she got divorced, she would not be able to support her children alone. Liang Ya could only smash her teeth and swallow in her stomach, suffering the bitter fruit silently.


Whoever leaves can live, life is his own, no need to revolve around others. For women, if your husband cheats, don't try to keep him, even if you can keep him, you won't be able to keep his heart. If you can't be loyal to your marriage, don't choose to get married, why bother to hurt others. Loyalty to marriage is the basic morality and bottom line. If you can't even keep this bottom line, don't harm others. 1. If your husband cheats, don't try to keep him. If a man wants to divorce you because of a woman outside, don't keep it. You can't keep it, his heart is no longer on you, so don't do useless work any more. Now that the relationship has broken down, there is no need to force it any more. Even if the husband is retained, he may not be responsible for the family. A man is the backbone of the family. If he doesn't care about anything in the family, should he be left at home as a decoration? Even if the husband is kept for the sake of giving the child a complete family, the husband may not be able to give the child enough care. If you fight, you can also hurt your child. For women, since your husband has betrayed the marriage and abandoned you and the children, don't keep him anymore. You might be better off without him, why do you need to see him get angry every day. Second, treat marriage with loyalty. Marriage is not a child's play, both men and women should pay enough attention to marriage and be loyal to marriage. After marriage, I am most afraid of meeting a half-hearted partner, which will not only hurt myself, but also hurt several families. Loyalty to marriage and not cheating is the bottom line. Since you choose to spend your life with one person, you must respect the other half. If you don't love, you can break up decently, but you must not cheat. Infidelity in marriage is very harmful to the other half. It will make the other party doubt himself, think that she is not good enough, and even make the other party no longer believe in love. Since you choose to get married, you must be loyal to your marriage. Now that you have made the plan to join hands for a lifetime, don't hurt each other by empathizing halfway. Loyalty to marriage is respect for oneself and the other half, and it is also responsible for life. Text/Fenghua

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