In the eyes of men, women with these three WeChat avatars are very attractive

time:2023-01-30 02:55:49 author:A solitary woman
In the eyes of men, women with these three WeChat avatars are very attractive

A woman is a beautifully bound book, with connotation and charm: a woman is a mysterious and magical species, which makes men have the desire to explore. desire. A woman who is like boiled water makes people see the bottom at a glance, and it feels fresh in just a few minutes. And those women with heavy makeup and bells and whistles, when a man sees it, he thinks it is too low, and he can't do it at all, because they can't get on the stage. Lose yourself too. Since men are sensible, they have paid special attention to the opposite sex around them. Because it's a man's instinct. In the past, walking on the street, looking at women and clothes. Dressed decently and stylishly, I feel that this woman has taste. If you blindly pursue popular elements, you will be full of miscellaneous "big names". There is no sense of beauty, and she is still complacent. This woman does not understand aesthetics and feels cheap. shallow. Today, with the national WeChat, men know women, starting from WeChat avatars. Isn't it just an image? How can there be such a miraculous effect? Don't underestimate this little avatar, it's a person's business card. In the past, men and women knew each other and needed a matchmaker to build a bridge. Today, with a WeChat, even though the two are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, they can still be connected by WeChat for thousands of miles. The avatar is "Moon Lao". Do you have a strong magnetic field? See if your avatar is unique. Show off your personality.

Like a deep painting, with a dreamy mood, and a cultural head portrait, which makes people unforgettable

Whether a woman is interesting, look at her head portrait, You can take a peek. Looking at the unpredictable makes people imagine, such a head portrait reflects a woman's state of mind. She has a sense of distance, and the distance is just right, it just creates a feeling of elusiveness, invisible, like planting grass in a man's heart, and he really wants to find out through the avatar. Look at the beauty, she is so beautiful. See how talented people are, whether they are smart or not, whether it makes people shine, and there is an urge to see each other late. Whether a woman is profound, a headshot is enough to see through. Such a tall avatar makes men fascinated by dreams. This step increases the chances of women winning in the marriage and love market. The cartoon avatar makes men feel childish at first glance. This girl is too naive, she must be easy to deceive. The IQ is not enough, and there are girls who directly use their beautiful photos as their avatars, which is a bit silly. In fact, many men look at women and look at them at first glance, and then pick out the faults at the second glance. The eyes are too small and the mouth is too fleshy. , uneven teeth, freckles on the face, although the beauty function is powerful, still can not stop a man from commenting on a woman's appearance.

There is an avatar called a back. There is a kind of back, called ecstasy. These portraits are the most charming

with flying skirts and long hair fluttering, in the endless wheat fields, in the blue sea, a woman dressed in white, with a slender figure and charming style, although she can't see Jiao A beautiful face, when this back is enough to make a man want to stop. Therefore, women with high emotional intelligence always like to leave blank. There is a sense of urgency that comes out after a long time, making people scratch their hearts. And this appetizing divine operation is simply the IQ that only a top-quality woman can have. The avatar, the high-grade black and white and gray color scheme, the slender figure, a black big-brimmed hat, cover up the delicate face, only revealing a charming chin, such a sexy avatar that flirts with style, it is Manli's, and it is also unstoppable. Live, there is an urge to approach.

I like dancing, writing and painting, reciting poetry and painting, and cooking wine and tea. The avatar with the breath of life is very attractive to men

Simple women, men get bored with three or two strokes. Live a petty and romantic life. Instead of entangled in firewood, rice, oil and salt, you know that you will live your life with one heart and one mind. A woman who can only live a day makes a man look at the end at a glance and feel that this life is just a repetition day after day. Life is delicious, life is colorful, and it depends on a woman's living condition, whether she likes pets, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry, wine, tea, and everything. The level of women determines the level of men. The head of a woman is enough to see a woman's talent, delicate mind, or carelessness, preferences, and temperament, which can be completely guessed. Coquettish women can only attract nasty men. Vulgar women can only attract equals. As for a high-level woman, she wants to find Lu Bu in the person, Chitu in the horse, and get a high-match life, which is a perfect match. Therefore, a woman's avatar needs a woman to do some homework, think carefully, and don't think it is insignificant. The avatar is your label, and you can't tear it off. Mysterious and attractive. There is a magnetic field effect. This is a hardcore requirement for avatars. With such a head portrait, this woman is full of heart, has a literary style, and is a little red in the green bushes. Different, very eye-catching. Girl, make a good WeChat avatar, you have to be extravagant, elegant, and talented. You are unattainable, you have absolute attraction. Using beauty to win the favor of men is stupid and inferior, and good men will not take the bait. And a woman, always has a different flavor, you are the eternal goddess.

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