When a girl is looking for a partner, how to determine whether the other party is a kind person, you will know after a meal

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When a girl is looking for a partner, how to determine whether the other party is a kind person, you will know after a meal

"Men are afraid of entering the wrong profession, women are afraid of choosing the wrong man", marriage is a major event in a lifetime and must be treated with caution. Marriage means more to women than it means to men, so women need to be extra cautious. When looking for a partner, you should put the character of the other person first. Only by marrying a person with good character can you be happy. Marrying a person of bad character, even if his other conditions are very good, will not be happy. The 29-year-old Liu Ya has been in love three times, but they all failed, which made her very confused. The first love dated her for three years, but finally left with a divorced woman who was 8 years older than the first love, abandoning the deeply affectionate Liu Ya. Liu Ya's second relationship lasted only a year, but it has reached the point of talking about marriage. On the eve of the wedding, her boyfriend asked Liu Ya to dowry a 300,000 car, but Liu Ya's family disagreed, so the marriage broke down. The third relationship lasted only half a year. Because of the boyfriend's transfer of work, after going to work in another place, the two of them got together less and separated more, and gradually became estranged from each other, and finally the relationship was over. After these three relationships, Liu Ya is no longer keen on love. But as she got older, the pressure of marriage made her breathless, so she had to go on a blind date. During the blind date, Liu Ya didn't know how to judge whether the blind date was kind or not. She was afraid that the new relationship would end without a problem. In fact, when a girl is looking for a partner, she wants to know whether the other person is a kind person, and she will know if she has a meal with him.

1. See how he orders.

Generally, a well-mannered man will pass the menu to the girl and let the girl come Deciding what to order is a matter of respect and value for the girl. If the girl refuses and asks him to order, then he must consider the girl's taste when ordering. If a man doesn't ask the girl's opinion at all when ordering food, he just orders food according to his favorite taste, it shows that this man is very selfish, he is self-centered. After the girl marries him, he will be a macho and doesn't know how to respect his wife, so he is by no means a kind person. Ordering food may seem like a trivial matter, but in fact, the knowledge inside is quite big, and the girl can completely see the big from the small. Assuming that he ordered too few dishes, or that the price was very cheap, the girl could tell that he was either a very stingy person or not financially rich.

2. Look at his attitude towards the waiter

When a man pursues a girl, he will always try his best to show his good side in front of the girl, and the girl is very It's hard to see his true face. Therefore, the girl has to understand the man from the side and see what his attitude towards others is. He can be bad and short-tempered to others today, and he can do the same to his wife tomorrow. When a girl eats with a man, there may be no more others, so see how he treats the waiter. If you accidentally overturn the cup, or have to take a tissue, etc., it will trouble the waiter. It is impossible for unkind men to have a good attitude towards the waiters, they will not respect the waiters at all. Therefore, if a girl encounters a man with a bad attitude towards the waiter, she can know that he is by no means a kind person.

3. See how he settles the bill

When in love, men usually pay the bills after dinner, which is an unwritten agreement. Of course, girls should also pay attention to proportions when ordering food, and should not spend a lot of money indiscriminately. You must know that falling in love is a two-way choice. While you are observing the man, the man is also observing you. Kind-hearted men usually rush to pay the bill, not to mention dating a girl, even if they are eating with other friends, they will also rush to pay the bill. Kind people are always unwilling to take advantage of others and owe others favors, so they will rush to pay the bill. If the amount that the girl spends is not too outrageous, but the man is unwilling to pay, then either he is not attracted to the girl, or there is something wrong with his character. When a girl encounters such a situation, she must find out why he is unwilling to pay the bill, and then decide whether to continue dating him. A man who loves to take advantage and wants the girl to pay the bill when dating, but he doesn't want to pay for it, is by no means a kind person, and the girl should stay away from him! A person's character and temper will always be shown in the details of life, so don't underestimate the matter of eating. At the dinner table, you can totally see the character, upbringing and self-discipline of this man. Falling in love is a process of observing each other and running in with each other. In this process, the girl has to be picky, observe more, and look at his shortcomings more. If you feel that you cannot accept those shortcomings, then you should break up as soon as possible, so as not to get divorced after marriage. After marriage, look at each other's strengths and less on each other's shortcomings. For each other's shortcomings, one eye should be opened and one eye closed as much as possible, and it should be rare to be confused, so that the marriage can last long. To have a happy marriage, you must not only manage well, but also choose a good partner. If you choose a scumbag, then no matter how hard you try to manage your marriage after marriage, it will be difficult to achieve happiness. If you want to choose a good partner, you must first choose his character and choose a kind person. After you marry a kind person, even if the marriage can no longer be maintained and you have to get divorced, he will not do anything to hurt you in particular. Because his nature is kind, the country is easy to change, and the nature is hard to change. It is difficult to make bad people do good things, and it is equally difficult to make good people do bad things. If you want to know whether the man you are dating is kind or not, then have a meal with him! When eating, you have to observe carefully and keep your eyes open. His character and living habits will all be shown in the details of the meal.
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