There is a cold war between husband and wife, how to end it?

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There is a cold war between husband and wife, how to end it?

Husbands and wives live at home and live together every day. They are faced with chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, and they are faced with supporting the elderly, raising children, daily shopping, and exchanges of favors and gifts. It is inevitable that there will be differences in handling housework. Conflicts and disputes arise. Those who are good at handling conflicts and disputes between husband and wife can avoid some quarrels and even fights. If they don't give in to each other, and no one agrees to the other, you say you are justified, he says he is justified, and the needle is pointed at Maimang, which is just too noisy. If there is no effective communication and exchanges, the grievances between the two sides will gradually deepen, to the point that no one wants to talk to the other, then the cold war will begin. For couples, the Cold War is actually very hurtful to their relationship. They live under the same roof, they don’t talk in the house, no one looks at the other, they take care of their own eating, dressing, etc. The other party is also not allowed to eat, the family has no vitality and vitality, and life is like a pool of stagnant water. This kind of cold war situation is a kind of torture, in fact, everyone is sad and sad. Then, there is a cold war between husband and wife, and it is not a problem for a long time. It can only be that the relationship between husband and wife is getting bigger and bigger, and we still need to find a way to solve the problem. Now, let's talk about a few very practical methods.

First: One party takes the initiative to show weakness, seek peace, apologize to the other party, and get back together

It is normal for couples to occasionally have a cold war But the Cold War should not last too long, because the longer it lasts, the harder it is to restore relations. Therefore, one party needs to take the initiative to show weakness and seek peace. Generally, it is better for men to take the initiative. This is also in line with human nature. As the saying goes: a good man does not fight with a woman. A man still has to show the spirit of a manly man and take the initiative to bow his head to his wife, admit his mistake, say some sincere words, or buy a small gift for his wife, so that the wife who should be able to go will forgive him. , to ease the tension between the two sides and reconcile.

Second: You can ask relatives and friends trusted by both parties to help mediate conflicts

A couple has conflicts and disputes, mainly because Disagreement in handling some household chores is caused, or because one party has done something wrong, the other party is not pleasing to the eye or is not used to it, or they have handled some household chores on their own, without discussing it with the other party, etc. A very effective solution is to invite a relative or friend trusted by both parties to come to the house to help mediate conflicts and disputes, and ask the mediator to judge who is right and who is wrong, give criticism and education, and then let them do the wrong thing. One of the parties apologized and apologized, so as to make the two sides reconciled as before.

Third: resolve conflicts and disputes through quarrels

There is a cold war between husband and wife, and no one talks to anyone , you will never be able to resolve conflicts and disputes. Therefore, one party needs to start the conversation first, and let the two sides resolve conflicts and disputes by arguing. During the quarrel, you can express your point of view, he can explain his reason, and you come and go. The differences gradually narrowed, eventually reaching a conciliatory meeting point. In short, the methods of ending the cold war between husband and wife should be flexibly used according to the actual situation, and try to use whichever one feels effective, as long as the cold war can be ended quickly.

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