Is it pure friendship when men and women call each other "girlfriends"?

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Is it pure friendship when men and women call each other "girlfriends"?

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. Girlfriends, usually the name between girls, belong to a very close relationship. However, I don't know since when, men and women have also begun to call each other girlfriends, claiming that they are pure friendship. However, in reality, the girlfriends of men and women always give people an ambiguous feeling. This relationship is greater than friendship and less than love, and it is very difficult to grasp. It is also an indisputable fact that many men and women use pure friendship to cover up their ambiguous behaviors, and even bring huge troubles. In fact, the relationship between the opposite sex is very sensitive. It is very difficult to maintain a true pure friendship. If you are not careful, the relationship will cross the line. In reality, many men and women have frequent private contacts, which has long violated the original intention of friendship, and outsiders can see the flaws at a glance. Once the relationship between the two parties changes, it will be difficult to go back to the past, and the friendship will basically be unsustainable, but they will not admit it. So, between men and women, calling each other "girlfriends" is pure friendship? The answer is very clear, it's just a "tacit" ambiguity. If you don't believe me, look at the evidence:

First, frequent chats, language Ambiguity

If a man and a woman chat frequently and the language is ambiguous, in fact, the relationship has long been abnormal. Such men and women, who say they are pure friendship, claim to be friends with each other, but a discerning person can tell at a glance that their relationship is not pure. Because they will chat when they have something or nothing, interact too frequently, and always say some ambiguous words. Moreover, when two people chat, they will deliberately test each other's mind, and once they have convenient conditions, they will further communicate. For example, men always hinted that they wanted to invite women out for consumption, were eager to meet, and inadvertently revealed the time and place. Another example is that a woman treats a man as her best friend on the surface, but her words imply that she doesn't mind developing an intimate relationship. This is proof of ambiguity. In fact, in true pure friendship, both sides are very cautious, and there is a strong sense of proportion in words and deeds. They also chat, but they are all very normal topics and never play ambiguous. Moreover, the chat time will not be very long, and they both know how to avoid suspicion and avoid cross-border relationships. However, some men and women have no sense of boundaries between the opposite sex when they communicate, and they will chat whenever they have the opportunity. Such men and women have been dating for a certain purpose from the very beginning, only to cover up their ambiguous relationship, so they come up with the self-deceiving excuse of "girlfriends and girlfriends". However, no matter how smart men and women are, they will show traces. After all, if they chat frequently, flirt, and play ambiguous through friendship, things will happen sooner or later.

Second, meet and date in private under the banner of friendship

When men and women are dating, if they meet in private under the banner of friendship, the relationship is sure Not pure anymore. Such men and women, even if they tell others that they are pure friendship, but who will believe it? As long as they have time, they will go out to meet alone. They are not shy at all, their words and deeds are very close, and they have long gone beyond the normal scope of friendship. Moreover, some men and women call each other best friends. Even when they are questioned by their lover, they will take a tough attitude. They don't have a sense of boundaries, they communicate frequently in private, and even have physical contact, and the relationship has long been ambiguous. My friend Miss Wu has dated a male best friend. The two are very close and often hang out together after get off work. Moreover, Miss Wu behaved unrestrained in front of her boyfriend. Sometimes when she was tired from shopping, she would rest her head on the thigh of her boyfriend when both parties found a place to rest. In Miss Wu's mobile phone, there are also a large number of photos of her and her boyfriend. Although they do not admit that their relationship is ambiguous, everyone who knows them knows that this relationship has long surpassed friendship. Because of this, the relationship between Miss Wu and her boyfriend got closer and closer, and she was finally bumped into by her boyfriend during a private date. The boyfriend asked Miss Wu to cut off contact with her boyfriend, but she blamed her boyfriend for being careful and not trusting her. The two sides had a big fight and finally broke up with pain. Therefore, when a person meets other people of the opposite sex frequently in private, without boundaries, it is not friendship, but tacit ambiguity.

Third, men and women call each other girlfriends, which is essentially being ambiguous

Normal men and women will not be called girlfriends, they will not be ambiguous, and they will not Let the people around you misunderstand, be very careful. Only those men and women who are restless themselves will use friendship as a fig leaf and actually do ambiguous things. Especially for men and women with families, it is a bad idea to have a relationship with other people of the opposite sex. For example, a man looks for a confidante outside of marriage, just to cover up the idea of ​​seeking stimulation in his heart. When they interact with women, once they seize the opportunity, it is easy to do ambiguous things. For another example, when a woman finds her boyfriend's best friend, she is actually finding a reasonable excuse for herself to be ambiguous, which is self-deception. In the final analysis, men and women call each other their bestie, but they pretend to be confused in order to satisfy their emotional desires. Once the two sides have the right opportunity, it is easy to develop an intimate relationship. If the two sides do not admit it, it is nothing more than that the relationship has not been broken. Although there are pure friendships in reality, there are very few who can really abide by the boundaries. Many men and women regard friendship as an ambiguous excuse. This is an indisputable fact. The opposite sex with intimate behavior is never pure friendship. After all, true friendship is never ambiguous. Therefore, men and women refer to each other as best friends, but both parties deliberately pretend to be stupid and do not pierce this layer of ambiguous "window paper", but the relationship has crossed the line. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: In conclusion, between men and women, calling each other "girlfriends" is not pure friendship at all. These evidences are obvious: they chat frequently, and their language is ambiguous; under the banner of friendship, they meet and date in private; Girlfriends are essentially playing ambiguous. Feelings are highly exclusive, and once you can't be absolutely loyal, it's hard to go on smoothly. The reason why many marriage and love relationships fall apart is simply that in this relationship, one party is restless and is too close to the opposite sex, and finally breaks through the bottom line of loyalty. I hope that men and women can restrain themselves and abide by the bottom line. At any time, they cannot use friendship to play ambiguous, otherwise, it is an emotional game other than marriage and love, and it will eventually pay the price. As Schiller said: "True love is single-minded, the field of love is very narrow, it can only accommodate two people to survive; if you fall in love with several people at the same time, it cannot be called love, it is only emotional The game." I hope men and women in reality can be alert! END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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