These 3 points are the most taboo in the relationship between couples! smart people know

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These 3 points are the most taboo in the relationship between couples! smart people know

The relationship between couples is a wonderful and romantic time. Talking about me and me, you are kind to me, you can talk about love, you can also talk about ideals and talk about the future, so that both parties can continue to deepen understanding and trust, and their emotions can continue to be warmed up. . Of course, whether couples can communicate harmoniously and harmoniously depends on mastering some skills and methods, what can and cannot be done in a relationship, what topics can be talked about, and what can be discussed. The topic cannot be said, and there must be certain principles and proportions. Some people are too conceited because they don't pay attention to these when they are in a relationship. If they are not careful, they may "roll over" and personally ruin a beautiful relationship. In fact, these three points are the most taboo between couples! Next, let's talk about it.

First: The most taboo is to ask each other's previous love experience

When couples interact, some topics can be discussed freely, such as hobbies , work situation, family situation, future development, interesting and embarrassing events, social circles, social hotspots, etc., but some sensitive topics cannot be asked or talked about. Among them, the other party's previous love experience cannot be asked. Personal love experience belongs to personal privacy. Generally, people do not want to know, and they will not take the initiative to tell others. Whether the previous relationship is good or sad, it has become a In the past tense, it is better to bury it in the bottom of your heart and store it up. Therefore, don't ask, otherwise, it will only cause the other party's disgust and resistance.

Second: The most taboo is to be too shrewd and good at calculation

Only by showing sincerity, true affection and true love, treating each other frankly, and showing general feelings and understanding can couples win each other Only by having a good heart can make the relationship continue to warm up and the relationship becomes more harmonious. If you are too shrewd and good at calculating, it will be bad, and you will be scheming in your life, and individualism will come first, which will make the other party resentful and dissatisfied. , A person who is good at calculating can live a good life, but it is destined to be a bad ending, so no one wants to associate with such a person. People who are too shrewd and good at calculating tend to be clever but be mistaken by cleverness, and eventually shoot themselves in the foot and may lose this relationship.

Third: The most taboo is that the relationship is not single, and it has an ambiguous relationship with other opposite sex.

The relationship between couples should be single, and they should not step on two boats. . If you let the other party know that they are still in an ambiguous relationship with other people of the opposite sex, and go on dates with other people of the opposite sex behind their backs, it is easy for the other party to misunderstand. This person is too careless and unreliable. As a spare tire, this is intolerable, and the result can only be said goodbye. In real life, there are many such cases. When you step on two boats, you can only beat chickens and eggs, and you can't get either one. You can only eat the bitter fruit.

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