"Sexless marriage" is mostly caused by the following three reasons

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"Sexless marriage" is mostly caused by the following three reasons

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. In marriage, the best way to maintain the relationship between husband and wife is the intimacy and physical contact between husband and wife. However, there are couples in reality, and many of them can't do this. Due to various reasons, the relationship between husband and wife is indifferent and alienated. Once, I asked my colleagues around me, why are the current couples not as close as they used to be? They answered like this: "Husbands and wives have been together for a long time, and their relationship is very dull. Holding each other's hands is like holding the left hand and holding the right hand. Where can there be passion?" Maybe, this is the common phenomenon of husband and wife in real marriages. If it is not timely Changes can easily lead to estrangement between husband and wife. In fact, the lack of relationship between husband and wife is not the main reason for the alienation of the relationship, but an excuse to perfunctory each other. So, what really makes couples become indifferent and reject intimate contact? Generally speaking, "sexless marriage" is mostly caused by the following three reasons:

First, it is unbearable for the other half's problems, and they take the initiative to separate

In reality, there are many couples who are no longer close. The most common reason is that they can't bear the troubles of the other half and take the initiative to separate. For example, many women dislike men's snoring and affect their rest, so they propose to separate beds. Or, men don't pay attention to hygiene, women really can't stand these shortcomings, and they correct them again and again, but men don't care, women can't bear it anymore, and thus exclude men from approaching. Another example is that men dislike women for being too nagging and want to seek a quiet space, so they actively refuse to be intimate with women. Between husband and wife, once they choose to separate because of each other's problems, the relationship will gradually become more and more indifferent, and there will be no passion and desire for love. Ms. Lin and her husband have been married for 16 years, and their relationship has become more and more indifferent. When she sees her husband, she is disgusted. She said that her husband has too many minor problems, such as snoring, grinding his teeth, not hygienic, not fond of bathing, not brushing his teeth before going to bed, littering things, etc. For this reason, she often persuaded her husband to change these shortcomings, but her husband always felt that she was nagging and didn't care at all. In this way, the relationship between the two gradually became indifferent. Whenever her husband came to look for her, she would refuse. Because of these things, the two often quarreled. Finally, last year, Ms. Lin proposed to split the bed and never wanted to see her husband again, so as not to affect her rest. Therefore, in reality, the husband and wife are drifting away, to a large extent, it is difficult to bear the problems of the other half, and they choose to separate.

Second, there is no love between husband and wife, and life is not harmonious

In reality, some husband and wife have not been intimate. One of the most important reasons is that there is no relationship between husband and wife. Love, life is not harmonious. Two people have been together for a long time, and they have no expectations for love, and they have long passed the stage of passion and romance. Especially for couples after middle age, the pressure of life gradually increases, and there is no extra thought to maintain their relationship, which leads to a colder relationship. Especially after going through the rough and tumble of life, both parties feel tired of marriage and have no expectations for the other half. As a result, they had to keep their ordinary days and gradually became the most familiar strangers to each other. In fact, in a marriage, once there is no feeling of love for the other half, the relationship becomes distant. They didn't care about each other and didn't communicate with each other. The meeting was just a few unimportant words. In addition, they were immersed in their own space and formed a state of living together. Such men and women, who are like husband and wife during the day and neighbors at night, have no passion at all, and are particularly indifferent to the relationship between husband and wife. Even if they reluctantly perform the "gift of husband and wife", both parties are absent-minded, as if completing the task, and completely lose the feeling of love. Furthermore, some couples may have some physical reasons, or when they are intimate, they feel uncomfortable and are very repulsive in their hearts, which makes the relationship between husband and wife more indifferent. If things go on like this, the husband and wife will naturally have no emotional needs, and they will separate from each other, eventually making the marriage a stagnant pool.

Third, having an extramarital relationship, completely ignoring the original spouse

The couple has been estranged for a long time, and there is no close contact. Another reason is that one of the parties is married Foreign feelings, the original match was completely ignored. Regardless of men and women, once they have feelings outside of marriage, they will no longer have any thoughts about their original spouse after they come back. They enjoyed the dewy love outside, and they were greatly satisfied physically and mentally. They had no interest at all at home, and especially refused to be disturbed by their original spouse. Therefore, after a person betrays the marriage, he will not care about the original spouse, let alone the feelings of the original spouse. They don't want to please the other half, but deliberately save their energy, and when they go out, they spend all their energy on their lovers outside. Even if the original partner initiates a request for intimacy, it will be rejected, and this is the beginning of an unhappy marriage. My friend Mr. Shen and his wife have been married for nine years. They had a good relationship and lived happily ever after. However, by chance, he met his former first love at work and became emotional in an instant. At the beginning, Mr. Shen and his first love had a good time in love, but due to practical reasons, the two broke up. Later, when Mr. Shen got married, he couldn't let go of his first love, but he unexpectedly met many years later. In this way, Mr. Shen and his first love quickly got in touch, and gradually developed to meet in private. In the end, after three months of dating, after watching a movie, the two accidentally had an intimate relationship. Since then, when Mr. Shen returned home, he completely ignored his wife and never did the "gift of husband and wife" again. Therefore, many marriages become indifferent and alienated, which is actually caused by extramarital affairs. The betrayal completely ignores the original spouse, gradually evolves into unloving, and finally falls apart. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, "sexless marriage" is mostly caused by these three reasons: unbearable for the other half's problems, active separation; no love between husband and wife, life is not harmonious; Completely ignored the original. I hope that men and women in reality can attract attention and maintain a good relationship with their hearts, so as not to make the relationship indifferent. Really happy couples know how to manage their marriage, actively maintain the relationship between husband and wife, and have emotional care and release while accompanying intimately, so as to make life more harmonious. In a word, physical contact is the lubricant of feelings and the basis for maintaining marriage. Only when both parties are emotionally satisfied can they feel the quality of love. As Carson McCullers said: "Love is a shared experience between two people." This is the best way to solve "sexless marriage". END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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