Before getting married, women need to understand an unspoken rule: the bride price determines the height of your marriage

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Before getting married, women need to understand an unspoken rule: the bride price determines the height of your marriage

Before entering the marriage hall with the person we like, we have countless fantasies about what our future will be like, maybe it will be beautiful, maybe it will be painful, maybe we will quarrel every day, or we will occasionally have a cold war. But it doesn't matter, as long as the person you chose can stand firmly behind you, some small setbacks may lead to better love. However, the one who was unswervingly chosen by us at the beginning, the one who thought he could shield us from the wind and rain, was the one who let us experience all the storms after marriage. So, we began to think, is this the marriage we were looking forward to? Yes, it does not have that kind of sweetness and happiness, no, but it can make us feel the beauty from marriage from time to time. For us, marriage is a lifetime event. If we choose the wrong one, it means that we will fall into the abyss of eternal redemption. Therefore, we must choose carefully when it comes to marriage.

Before getting married, women need to understand a marriage rule

Liu Yiyang's family in the TV series "The Age of Naked Marriage" is not very good. Even the down payment for a house can't be paid for a place with an inch of gold, and a car is a luxury. At that time, Tong Jiaqian, who had been with him for eight years, loved him very much. Tong Jiaqian felt that the relationship between two people for eight years should not be measured by money. together. Therefore, Tong Jiaqian did not ask for a car or a house, so she married Liu Yiyang in such a "naked marriage" and happily welcomed her own happiness. Before marriage, Liu Yiyang promised to spoil Tong Jiaqian all the time, but after marriage, all promises were lost, and every time Liu Yiyang quarreled, he would not back down. He has nothing to do every day, clamoring to find a job, but he always looks at the high and the low. Either he dislikes the low salary or he is too tired. Poor Tong Jiaqian has a hard time living, and can only survive through the relief of her mother's family. We always feel that the issue of dowry before marriage is too material, and many families have fallen apart because of the lack of agreement on the dowry, so many people think that no dowry is a good marriage. However, the economic foundation determines the superstructure, and even the most basic material life cannot be guaranteed, let alone life in marriage.

Only when one pays the cost will one know how to cherish it

One’s monthly salary is 3,000 yuan, he bought a A five-hundred-dollar old phone, then this phone won't feel distressed whether it is bumped or touched, because after all, the loss he has suffered is not large, and within his financial capacity, if it breaks, it's better to buy a new one. If the phone cost 10,000 yuan, which is his three-month salary, then the phone will be properly placed, and it will be very distressing if it is bumped, because the phone cost him a huge amount, and any loss is nothing. immeasurable. This is the nature of people's "loss aversion". The more they spend, the more worried they are about the cost. On the contrary, the less they spend, the less sensitive they are to losses. For the dowry, it is not a material thing, but a guarantee for a woman in married life. It is a man who cherishes a woman in order to avoid losses after paying. And those women who don't want a betrothal gift are, for a man, an existence that does not need to cost, so he naturally won't worry about the loss of the woman's departure. Just like Liu Yiyang in "The Age of Naked Marriage", as soon as Tong Jiaqian said divorce, he immediately agreed without any hesitation, because he didn't spend anything, so naturally he wouldn't worry about losing anything.

Love may not need money, but life needs

What should a good marriage look like? In the book "Dear Andrea" by Long Yingtai, she wrote to her son: "The partner you need is the one who can stand side by side on the bow of the boat and sing the scenery of the two sides of the strait in a low voice. At the same time, in the turbulent sea, you can hold your hand tightly economic base to support. The so-called grief of poor and lowly couples is because many things cannot be solved by material things, and they will naturally rise to the emotional level. At this time, we will find that love without material things is a mess of sand, and it will be scattered after a few steps without the wind. When we are in love, we can enjoy the sweetness and beauty wholeheartedly, and we don’t need to think about material things, but marriage itself is firewood, rice, oil and salt, and it needs too much money. If there is no material basis to support, then there will be countless sorrows waiting for us, and then the so-called feelings will become vulnerable. Therefore, love may not need money, but life must need money.

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