My husband's first love sentence makes me restless

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My husband's first love sentence makes me restless

Some people say that women should open their eyes wide to see men clearly when looking for a partner before marriage. After marriage, they should learn to open one eye and close one eye to their husbands, so that life will be better. It seems quite reasonable to understand this statement carefully. Women open their eyes before marriage to choose a man with good personality. After marriage, women open one eye and close one eye to avoid competing with 'human nature'. Self-inflicted pain. In front of most people, human nature cannot stand the test. Readme: Ms. Yang, married for 10 years, found out a few days ago that her husband was in contact with his first love!

01 Men seem to have no resistance to their first love

At eleven o'clock the night before, my husband's phone rang, He glanced at the phone screen and pressed the phone lock button. "Who called and why didn't you answer it?" "A classmate, it is estimated that there is something wrong with the computer in her shop. Ignore her and call her back tomorrow." "Yes, in case there is any urgent matter. Turn on the phone amplifier!" Helplessly, her husband answered her call, and the other person said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm so upset, I really want you to talk to me..." "You're drinking again. Come on, rest early, my wife is asleep, I'm afraid of waking her up." The husband hurriedly interrupted the other party, and then hung up the phone hastily. "Tell me, who is she!" I looked straight at him, but I didn't expect that the man who is usually honest in my eyes would have this kind of thing. "My first love, his husband owes hundreds of thousands of debts and got divorced last month." "Have you met?" "I went to her shop to repair her computer two days ago, and I came back after repairing it!" At this time, I saw that my husband's phone was on, and several messages were sent in a row. I didn't want to quarrel with him, so I turned around and fell asleep.

02 "How can there be a cat that doesn't steal fishy" mad at me

The next day, I found it through my husband's brother The phone call of his first love, I wanted to have a good chat with her, I hope she knows that I am not a good stubborn, don't hit my husband's idea. The phone is on! "Hello, I'm XXX's wife. He has a family now, please don't contact him again!" Maybe it was my words that irritated her. "I don't care who you are, just take care of your husband, don't teach me a lesson!" "A word to you, there is no cat in this world that doesn't steal fish!" After that, the other party hung up the phone arrogantly. She's so confident, is there anything shameful between them? Are men really lower body animals? without exception? I filed for divorce with my husband on the same day, and said that it would fulfill them. As a result, my husband promised me that he had nothing to do with her, and deleted all contact information in front of me, and also promised that he would never have any contact with her in the future. After this incident, I don't know if I can still believe the words of this man in front of me?

Emotional Whisper

In fact, the experience of Ms. Yang is the emotional confusion that many of us have encountered. Husbands have close relationships with other heterosexuals, and some wives have frequent contacts with other heterosexuals. People, sometimes it is inevitable that they can't control their feelings and desires, holding the bowl and looking at the pot. There are both positive thoughts to protect the family, as well as unruly thoughts. In fact, it is normal for people to have this kind of double-sided thinking. As long as they can restrain their little thoughts, they can still sit upright and just think about it, which is understandable. Of course, husbands and wives really shouldn’t just revolve around children and oil, salt, chai, rice, sauce, vinegar and tea. No matter how many years they’ve been married, they should still communicate with each other at a certain frequency, and they should also set aside some time and space from time to time for two people to talk. Talk about heart, so as to more effectively remove the gap between the two people.

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