How should you deal with finding other women of the opposite sex "pursuing" you?

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How should you deal with finding other women of the opposite sex "pursuing" you?

Both men and women in love yearn for the deepening of the relationship between the two parties, the relationship between them is getting closer and closer, and they can spend a beautiful romantic time together. Of course, things are not always as one wishes, and sometimes there may be small episodes and small setbacks. There may be a day when you suddenly find out that there are other men chasing your love girlfriend. This kind of thing is really unexpected, and you have a rival in love! Whether you are secretly shocked, secretly sad, or worried, anyway, the facts are there, and you have to face this cruel reality. If you are willing to be a tortoise with a shrunken head, you will admit to being a coward first, and be willing to be defeated, then you will eventually be defeated and lost to the rival in love. So, how should you deal with this situation? Here are three tricks for you.

First: have a good talk with your girlfriend and find out what she means

I have a rival in love, which is a big deal A threat, because love is exclusive, how can one mountain hold two tigers! The first thing to do now is to have a good talk with your girlfriend to find out what she means. You can open the skylight to your girlfriend and ask her what other men are chasing after her, what she thinks and what she does. If her girlfriend confesses that there are other men chasing her, but she doesn't like him, but the man still doesn't give up on her. If your girlfriend says she still wants to stay in a romantic relationship with you, that's fine. This shows that the girlfriend regards herself as the only loving boyfriend, and that man does not pose any threat. You can help your girlfriend come up with ideas, let her politely reject the man again, and stop pursuing yourself.

Second: Dare to compete fairly with rivals and win the hearts of girlfriends

Faced with the threat of rivals, oneself It is still necessary to calm down first and carefully analyze the closeness of the relationship between yourself and your girlfriend, whether the relationship is deep or not. If you feel that the relationship between the two is very harmonious and the relationship has been continuously improving, this will make you full of confidence. Next, you don't have to tell your girlfriend that you already know that other men are chasing her, because if you say it, it may not be very good, after all, it is your girlfriend's personal privacy, and they have the right to love freely. I have to compete fairly with my rival in love, and win my girlfriend's heart with my more sincerity, sincerity and true love.

Third: Showdown with girlfriend and let her choose one of the two

Love is exclusive and unique. Faced with such a situation, you can calm down with your girlfriend Talk about it, see what your girlfriend means and attitude, and point out that it is wrong for her to step on two boats. This is disrespect to yourself. Let your girlfriend make a choice and let her choose one of the two, no matter what the result is, this is also Maintained his dignity as a man.

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