There are three reasons why women will find "boyfriends", which is very realistic

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There are three reasons why women will find "boyfriends", which is very realistic

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. I don't know when it started, some women began to look for "boyfriends". This relationship is greater than friendship, but less than love, and it is difficult to grasp. Many girlfriends of men and women have been together for a long time, and it is easy to breed ambiguous feelings, and even have an intimate relationship, which brings a lot of trouble to each of them. In fact, the relationship between the opposite sex is very sensitive, and if you don't pay attention, it will cross the line. The so-called "girlfriends of men and women" are, to a certain extent, an excuse for an ambiguous relationship between men and women, but both sides do not admit it. So, why do women find "boyfriends"? Generally speaking, women will look for "boyfriends", mostly for these three reasons, which are very realistic.

First, find a person who understands her and tell her heart

A woman needs to find a person who understands her in a relationship, who can Talk to her and tell her what's on your mind, so as to reject the emptiness in your heart. Especially when women don't get the pampering of men, they have accumulated a lot of resentment in their hearts, and there is nowhere to release them, they are especially eager to have someone who understands her and comforts her. Therefore, in life, they will pay attention to observing the opposite sex friends around them. Once they feel that the two sides can chat very well and can achieve spiritual resonance, they will easily develop into male and female girlfriends. Of course, when it comes to male girlfriends, women are also measured, and will keep the necessary distance from him, and will not easily let the relationship cross the line. After all, the original intention of a woman to find a boyfriend is not a physical need, but an emotional and spiritual need, in order to fill the emptiness and loneliness in her heart. In reality, women often live happier than before when they have male best friends. In fact, they are mentally happy and let them let go of too many grievances and anguish. Whenever women are unhappy, they may not tell the men around them, nor tell their relatives, for fear that they will be worried. Therefore, male girlfriends are the best candidates. The two sides chat without any scruples. They can say whatever they want, and their minds are very free. This kind of feeling is what a woman longs for. It not only releases the negative emotions in her heart, but also gets the comfort and care of her boyfriend. She feels very comfortable and happy mentally. Although a male best friend is not the closest person to a woman, she must be the one who understands her best. In this relationship, a woman is emotionally released and spiritually free. This is the internal reason.

Second, betrayed by men, longing for someone to protect themselves

In reality, some women will find male best friends, maybe because they were betrayed by men and hurt physically and mentally , longing for someone to protect him. They are completely disappointed with the men around them, and they cannot see the happiness in the future, so they will naturally turn their eyes away, hoping to find a man who truly loves them. So, when they met a suitable man, they felt that they would protect her, and they would regard him as their spiritual support. Whenever women are wronged at home, they will tell their boyfriends, and get a little comfort and a short rest from his care and care. When she is with her boyfriend, she doesn't have to worry about being hurt, she will relax physically and mentally, get rid of all the pressure in reality, and feel very satisfied. Therefore, women will find male best friends, to a certain extent, it is also because men ignore them and even hurt them. Once women get no care from the men around them, they will feel cold, feel very depressed here, and especially want to escape. If women live happily, are loved by men, live comfortably, and have no pressure, they will not put their minds on other people of the opposite sex at all. Many women in relationships have been let down by men. Men are either betrayal, indifference and neglect to them, and even cause them physical and mental harm, which will naturally disappoint women. When a woman is scarred and has no expectations of a man, she will want to be protected from other men of the opposite sex to gain physical and mental freedom.

Third, like to play flirtatious, find fun from flirting

Women will find boyfriends, and there is another reason that they like to play with flirting. , to have fun from flirting. Such a woman may not be loyal enough to her relationship. If she does not pay attention to the boundaries of her relationship with her boyfriend, it is easy to have an ambiguous relationship. They can't stand the blandness of life, especially if the man is not romantic or coaxes her, which makes her even more disappointed. At this time, a man who is very good at coaxing her into happiness suddenly appeared beside her, and it was easy to be moved, and gradually developed into a girlfriend of men and women. Moreover, this kind of woman especially likes flirting with the opposite sex. Whenever she is with her boyfriend, she will play ambiguous, make all kinds of inappropriate jokes, and have no sense of boundaries. Once they get along for a long time, two people will inevitably get close, and even accidentally have an intimate relationship. My friend Miss Li and her husband have been married for four years, and the marriage has become very dull. Her husband is a dull man who doesn't understand romance at all, which makes her more and more disappointed. Later, at work, Miss Li met a male colleague, and the two chatted very happily and felt very connected. So, Miss Li took the initiative to add the other party as a friend, often chatting with him, immersed in the ambiguous atmosphere and unable to extricate herself. After dating for a period of time, Miss Li suggested that her male colleague be her boyfriend's best friend. The two often met in private and had a very close relationship. As long as she is with her boyfriend, Miss Li is very happy, she likes to flirt with him, find fun in it, and become more and more happy. However, the two sides showed no restraint in the end. After a certain meeting, an accidental relationship occurred, and the two felt that the situation was serious and had to keep in touch. Therefore, some women will find male best friends, probably because they are tired of the plain life, and the men around them are not romantic, so they are immersed in ambiguous relationships and want to find fun. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: In conclusion, women will find "boyfriends" mostly for these three reasons: to find someone who understands them and to tell their hearts; betrayed by men and long for someone to protect themselves; Have fun in flirting. In fact, between men and women, the so-called "girlfriends" often have great hidden dangers. Once the two sides do not restrain themselves, it is easy to cause the relationship to cross the line. No matter what reason a woman finds a boyfriend for, she must abide by the bottom line and never have an intimate relationship. This is respect for feelings and responsibility for marriage. Therefore, for married women, it is best not to establish a "girlfriend" relationship with the opposite sex, otherwise, once the relationship crosses the line, it is a ruthless trampling on marriage. I hope that men and women in reality should pay attention to the sense of boundaries and not play ambiguous in the name of friendship. This is the consciousness that adults should have, and they must be vigilant. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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