Mother-in-law went to her son's house to deliver fruit, she felt distressed after seeing her son washing dishes, daughter-in-law: he is an adult

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Mother-in-law went to her son's house to deliver fruit, she felt distressed after seeing her son washing dishes, daughter-in-law: he is an adult

No matter how old a child is, in the eyes of parents, they are always children. When children make mistakes, parents will instinctively tolerate them. This is because parents love their children and look at their children with emotion, so they are often not objective. In fact, when the child grows up, parents must respect this fact, and what should be borne by the child must also be borne by the child. No matter how much parents love their children, after all, they cannot take their place in their children's life. Children must be responsible. But some mothers-in-law like to get involved in their son's marriage because they love their children too much. This kind of mother-in-law is particularly prone to make a mistake, that is, she loves her son, but not her daughter-in-law, who is always an outsider in their eyes.

Mother-in-law went to her son's house and was distressed to see her son washing dishes

Huang Xin and her husband are college classmates, starting from junior year In love, Huang Xin left with her husband when she graduated and found a job in the city where her husband's home is located. After working for two years, the two got married under the supervision of their parents, and the wedding room was bought by the parents-in-law in full. The conditions of my parents-in-law's house are quite good. My father-in-law is a project engineer, my mother-in-law is a housewife, and my husband is the only son of the family. The mother-in-law has always revolved around her son, so when Huang Xin and her husband got married, the mother-in-law wanted to live with her son and daughter-in-law. But Huang Xin firmly disagreed, she would rather rent a house than live with her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law is a very strong person, and she always has the final say in family affairs, so Huang Xin feels that living with her, she must not have a good life. Huang Xin and her husband's family had been at a stalemate for a long time on whether to live with her in-laws. In order to prevent the young couple from having a single bill, the mother-in-law insisted not to buy them a separate marriage house. She thought that Huang Xin would compromise, but she knew that Huang Xin proposed to her husband to either break up or rent a house to get married. In the end, the mother-in-law had no choice but to buy a wedding room for her son, because the son insisted on marrying Huang Xin. Because of this incident, the mother-in-law had a very bad impression of Huang Xin, and felt that this girl was too creative. Moreover, the mother-in-law felt that the girl had kidnapped her precious son, and she was full of rejection and hostility towards Huang Xin. My husband didn't do anything at home originally. Because the mother-in-law is a full-time housewife, of course she does all the housework. She treasures her son so much, how can she let her son do a little housework? But after her husband and Huang Xin got married, Huang Xin clearly arranged the housework with her husband. The husband was in charge of buying vegetables after get off work, Huang Xin was in charge of cooking, and her husband was in charge of washing the dishes after eating. Huang Xin also divides the work reasonably with her husband, such as laundry, mopping the floor and cleaning, etc. Huang Xin feels that this is necessary. Because the husband and wife both have to go out to work, the wife cannot do the housework alone. The family is shared by the husband and wife, and of course they have to jointly undertake the housework. After having a child in the future, we will also share the family chores together. A man will only know how to cherish his wife, children and family when he has paid for it. Under Huang Xin's training, the husband obeyed honestly, so the couple lived a good life. They go to get off work together every day, come back from work to do housework together, eat and sleep together, etc. On weekends, they would visit their in-laws' house, have a meal, etc. When it comes to the festival, the two go to Huang Xin's house. Because Huang Xin's house is in another city, they can't go every three days, so they go on the festival. One day, the mother-in-law went to her son's house to deliver fruit, just in time for her son to wash the dishes, and the mother-in-law felt distressed. At this time, the daughter-in-law had finished her business and was lying on the sofa with her legs crossed and playing with her mobile phone. The mother-in-law was so angry that she immediately dropped the fruit in the bag, pulled Huang Xin off the sofa, and said sternly: "You go to wash the dishes, how can you ask my son to wash? What do you think of my precious son? Now, he's not your servant!" Huang Xin was stunned for a moment, then she was naturally unhappy, so she reasoned with her mother-in-law. But how could my mother-in-law argue with her, she was completely scolding her for not being a woman, she didn't do housework herself, but let a man do it. The mother-in-law also said that her son was honest and was bullied by Huang Xin, and she wanted to support her son. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law started quarreling, and the husband immediately ran from the kitchen to persuade them to fight, but how could they persuade the two angry women? Huang Xin roared loudly: "He is an adult, not a child anymore. What's wrong with washing a few dishes? You can't bear to let him wash the dishes, so don't let him get married!" I can't wait to reach out and hit Huang Xin. Huang Xin said angrily: "Divorce! This day is over." Not to be outdone, her mother-in-law immediately said "Leave", and she asked her son to "break" Huang Xin immediately. But the son did not want a divorce, so he quarreled with his mother, and finally the mother-in-law and the son and daughter-in-law parted ways. Later, Huang Xin really went to sue for divorce, but her husband insisted on not leaving, so he begged Huang Xin again and again. After the father-in-law found out, he had a big fight with his mother-in-law, blaming her for breaking up his son's marriage. After the mother-in-law calmed down, she did not want her son to divorce, and after she learned that her son did not want to leave, she felt that if she did leave, her son would definitely blame her for the rest of her life. The father-in-law told her that in the matter between his son and his daughter-in-law, they were "Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai, one is willing to beat and the other is willing to suffer", let them go. Looking at her husband's face, Huang Xin did not insist on divorce in the end, the relationship between husband and wife is still very good, and the housework is still divided and cooperated. It's just that every weekend, if there is nothing to do, Huang Xin will no longer go to her parents-in-law's house, and she doesn't want to deal with her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law rarely goes to her son's house. First, she feels embarrassed to go; Therefore, after the family was at peace with each other, Huang Xin did not let her mother-in-law take her with her after giving birth, but hired a sister-in-law for a month. She was afraid that if she lived with her mother-in-law, there would be a war between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Mother-in-law is less involved in the affairs of son and daughter-in-law

After son and daughter-in-law get married, they have their own way of getting along, and mother-in-law should be less concerned. The mother-in-law loves her son and is reluctant to do housework, which is actually not good for her son. When a son is married, he should take responsibility for the family, and he can no longer be the same as before he was unmarried. The family is owned by a husband and wife. Since both of them have to go to work, of course the housework must be shared. No one is iron-clad. If you have to go to work and do housework at home, your body will be overwhelmed. No one stipulates that housework must be done by women. In the past, women did all the housework because they didn't need to go out to work. Now women have to work and work as hard as men in the workplace, so of course men have to do housework like women. The mother-in-law does not want her son to do the housework, but wants her daughter-in-law to do it. This is completely double-standard behavior. Your own children will be tired from doing housework, but other people's children will not be tired from doing housework. What is the reason? Sons are human beings, and daughters-in-law are human beings, and they are also tired, so housework should be shared. A son and a daughter-in-law are a whole. If a mother-in-law wants her son to live well, she must treat her daughter-in-law well. If the daughter-in-law does not live well, how can the son live well?
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