The 3 "invisible killers" of married life, you must know

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The 3 "invisible killers" of married life, you must know

Couples live at home after marriage. Two people with different personalities, temperaments and temperaments are together. It is inevitable that the spoon will not touch the edge of the pot, and various conflicts and problems will arise. The relationship between husband and wife will be affected, and marriage and family will sometimes fall into crisis. Some even disintegrate. In marriage and family, there will be some "invisible killers" waiting for an opportunity. Now, let's talk about the three "invisible killers" of marriage and family.

First: The conflicts between husband and wife cannot be resolved in time, and there are frequent cold wars

In every marriage and family, there will always be family chores between husband and wife. And there are such differences and contradictions. Contradictions and disputes are not scary. What is scary is that these conflicts and disputes cannot be resolved properly. If they are handled properly, some quarrels will be avoided. If effective measures cannot be taken to handle them well, quarrels will arise. Of course, the quarrel between husband and wife is not without benefits, but also has a certain positive effect. Through small-level quarrels, sometimes one party may realize his wrong views and practices in the quarrel, and finally reach an agreement; if there is If there is no quarrel, but a long-term cold war, it may not be a good thing. In some marriages and families, couples cannot resolve conflicts and disputes in time due to family trivial matters, and then there are many quarrels or even fights. Cold wars are prone to occur. The longer the Cold War lasts, the more tense the relationship between husband and wife will be, and the relationship between husband and wife will become estranged and gradually become estranged, which is not conducive to the stability and harmony of marriage and family.

Second: lack of communication and trust between husband and wife, mutual suspicion

If the husband and wife are incompatible because of personality differences, temperaments, or It is because of long-term separation in two places that there are fewer gatherings and more separations, or because of family trivial matters, there are often quarrels, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, and no one wants to pay attention to anyone, there will be a lack of communication and communication, and over time, it will easily make the relationship between husband and wife gradually weakened. There will also be a lack of trust and mutual suspicion, which will make the relationship between husband and wife more tense, which is not conducive to the harmony of family life.

Third: Can't understand and give in to each other, sometimes use separation to threaten each other

Husbands and wives should have good discussions when dealing with housework. When conflicts and disputes occur, you should also restrain your emotions. You should not lose control of your emotions when you are impulsive and excited, causing quarrels between husband and wife. Husbands and wives should be sympathetic to each other, respect each other as guests, respect each other in daily life, understand and give in to each other, so as to reduce conflicts and disputes and avoid some quarrels. If they do not give in to each other and show weakness to each other, it will easily lead to greater contradictions and disputes. Some people even threaten each other with the idea that they cannot live as husband and wife, and force the other side to bow their heads. This approach is also not advisable, and it will only exacerbate the conflicts and resentment between husband and wife. Over time, it will definitely affect the stability of marriage and family. harmony. Marriage requires both husband and wife to work together. You need to give each other's sincerity and true feelings, be your best self, play your family role well, and fulfill your family responsibilities and obligations. In marriage and family life, do not give those "invisible" things. It is a very important issue for "killers" to create soil and space for survival.

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