Mother of Phoenix's request: I'm sick, you come to serve, this is the last test before you marry my son

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Mother of Phoenix's request: I'm sick, you come to serve, this is the last test before you marry my son


The so-called test is to verify a person through some specific things, not for this reason , endlessly oppressing others. Zhai Jing (pseudonym) met such a prospective mother-in-law.


Zhai Jing is a clerk in a company. She met the sunny and handsome Li Feng (pseudonym) in the company. Zhai Jing was deeply impressed by Li Feng's literary talent and ability Deeply attracted, she always approached Li Feng involuntarily. Li Feng is a well-known talent in the company. Although he was born in a rural family, he graduated from a famous university, and his performance in the company is even more outstanding. Not only colleagues admired Li Feng, but even the boss was full of praise for him. Through his own efforts, Li Feng realized the freedom of wealth in a real sense, and also let his mother enjoy the happiness together. Through his continuous hard work, Li Feng has already occupied a place in the city, so the first thing he did was to bring his mother, who lived alone in his hometown, to the city to live with him. Now Li Feng is already a high-quality single man with a car, a house and savings. The only thing he is missing at the moment is his soul mate in his life. Coincidentally, the appearance of Zhai Jing made Li Feng's eyes light up, and she approached him again and again, successfully attracting Li Feng's attention. Although Zhai Jing is not outstanding, but she is very simple, and she is very kind. In the company, colleagues are intrigued, but Zhai Jing is always indifferent to the world. Such Zhai Jing is particularly conspicuous in Li Feng's eyes, and he has already figured out Zhai Jing's mind long ago. Li Feng knows that Zhai Jing has always admired himself, and he also has a good impression of Zhai Jing. So the two people were in contact with each other slowly and quietly established a love relationship. After Zhai Jing and Li Feng were officially together, their relationship quickly heated up, and they got engaged after dating for a year. Just when everything was going in a good direction, Li Feng's mother was clever and destroyed the happiness that her son was about to have. When Li Feng's mother found out that her son had a girlfriend, she began to do everything possible to establish her status as the head of the family. She was afraid that her son would marry a daughter-in-law and forget his mother. So she began to approach Zhai Jing frequently, and constantly instilled in Zhai Jing how filial her son was. At the same time, she also let Zhai Jing understand that in her son's heart, she was always a head above her. Not only that, Li Feng's mother often made up various reasons to ask Zhai Jing for money, and every time she specially asked Zhai Jing not to let her tell Li Feng. Zhai Jing was embarrassed to refuse because of her face, so she could only give her the money every time, and did not tell Li Feng about it according to her request. But after a long time, Zhai Jing gradually felt that there was something strange about this matter, so she told Li Feng everything that Li Feng's mother asked her for money. After Li Feng knew about this, he also felt very strange. He himself would give his mother living expenses every month, and the amount was not small. Even if his mother was not enough, he should come to him for it. How could he go to Zhai Jing? With a stomach full of questions, Li Feng took Zhai Jing to find his mother and asked her why she did this, but Li Feng's mother's answer made them both dumbfounded. Li Feng's mother said that the reason why she asked Zhai Jing for money was to test her, to see if Zhai Jing cares about her prospective mother-in-law, and to see if she was obedient to her words. Li Feng's mother's explanation made Zhai Jing feel very unreasonable. If she wants to know how she is, she can get it through Li Feng. But Zhai Jing didn't want to tear her face off because of this trivial matter, thus destroying the relationship between herself and Li Feng, so Zhai Jing never showed any unhappy expressions. Fortunately, Li Feng is a sensible person. He told his mother not to be clever in the future and use such little tricks to test people's hearts. But it didn't take long for Li Feng's mother to start a new strategy. One day, Li Feng's mother called Zhai Jing. She told Zhai Jing that she was not feeling well and asked her to come over quickly. Zhai Jing hung up the phone and ran to Li Feng's house without hesitation. She originally thought that Li Feng, who was not in the company, must be at home to take care of his mother, but he was nowhere to be seen at home. At this time, Li Feng's mother had begun to instruct her in various ways. She first asked Zhai Jing to pour herself a cup of hot water, then instructed her to clean the house, and finally asked Zhai Jing to cook for herself. After a busy day, Zhai Jing thought that at night, she could go home and rest in peace, but Li Feng's mother actually proposed to let her stay at home and let Zhai Jing and her sleep in the same room. In this regard, Li Feng's mother said: "I am not feeling well now, and it is inconvenient to move. If I need help in the middle of the night, you can take care of me if you stay." Zhai Jing said that Li Feng can also take care of me after returning from get off work. She, herself and Li Feng are not married yet, if they stay, there will definitely be many inconveniences. Seeing this, Li Feng's mother thought that Zhai Jing was unwilling to take care of herself, so she said threateningly: "I'm sick, you come to serve me, this is the last test before you marry my son, you can only marry me if you pass the test. Son." The words of Li Feng's mother made Zhai Jing feel very inexplicable, what does his marriage with Li Feng have to do with this matter. Li Feng's mother repeatedly put Zhai Jing to various tests, which made Zhai Jing very angry, and now she is forced to take care of her by marriage. The more Zhai Jing thought about it, the more angry she became. In a fit of rage, she said to Li Feng's mother, "Then please go and test others, I will not serve you." After speaking, Zhai Jing left Li Feng's house without looking back, leaving Li Feng's mother behind. No one could regret it, and no matter how much Li Feng kept, he couldn't keep Zhai Jing.


Emotions are not unsustainable, but unrealistic and inexplicable tests. Through Zhai Jing's story, we should understand the following two truths: First, we must be measured in our actions, otherwise we will only make ourselves lose more than our gains. Only in this way can you correct your own position, and only in this way can you ensure that you can gain the recognition and respect of others, and only in this way can you do your best when dealing with others. It is very easy to offend people if you do things without measure. Not only will you be resisted and resented by others, but you will also cause your own losses. Just like Li Feng's mother, she always tried to test Zhai Jing again and again, and always tried her best to take advantage of it, but she never thought that because she didn't grasp the balance, she would eventually destroy her son's happy life. For such people who have no sense of proportion, no one wants to deal with them, because such people are very selfish and will not take into account the feelings of others. Knowing the proportions is also a way of socializing. Only by grasping the proportions can you do things properly and prevent others from feeling pressure when they get along with you. Second, the excessive interference of parents in their children's emotional life will only be counterproductive. As a parent, you definitely want your children to be happy, so their lifelong events have become the most important thing in every parent's heart. When their children are choosing the other half, parents will always check for their children, and they will always tell us how to choose a partner in the tone of someone who has come before. And with our carefully selected candidates, they are always dissatisfied, because in their view, there is no one in this world except them who can treat us from the heart. But children get married, this is the only way, and the excessive intervention of parents will only make them more and more extreme. Some people even choose to stay single because of repeated parental interference. People often say that children and grandchildren have their own blessings. Parents can’t always share their worries and solve problems for their children. They have to make their own way in the future, so don’t interfere too much in their lives, and give them some space to let them choose their own future. the way. Text/Fenghua

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