Regardless of whether it is a husband and wife or a lover, allowing a woman to touch these three places will really spoil you.

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Regardless of whether it is a husband and wife or a lover, allowing a woman to touch these three places will really spoil you.

How can a relationship be considered mature? How can it be done right? Men hold beautiful women, and women marry Ruyi. This is by no means an easy task. When a woman falls in love with a man, it is a heart-pounding and emotional resonance. And love and marriage are separated by a "worldly" barrier. If we want to be with a man, we can't just immerse ourselves in love and be intoxicated. It depends on whether a man sees you as the closest person, whether he spoils you deeply, and whether he loves you wholeheartedly.

his phone, is it encrypted?

We have loved for a long time, but I see that your phone is encrypted. In your circle of friends, the settings are invisible to me, and I don't know your password. So, do you love me dearly? I'm questioning your love, your "secrecy" to me is fortification and distrust. A man, giving a woman the greatest sense of security, is to know the bottom line. Instead of your world, I am completely ignorant, your domain, I am very unfamiliar. In fact, when a man who really loves you comes, his eyes are full of joy and his heart is full of words, he can't wait to give you the whole world, he wants you to be his pride, he wants to announce to the world that you are his lover . He will be eager to take you to know his friends, and even wants to take you to meet his parents as soon as possible. He doesn't dodge, and he doesn't hide. However, a mobile phone will let you see the clue. He often changes the password and does not let you touch his mobile phone at all. This feeling makes you very uncomfortable and even disgusted. In fact, you don't care about looking at his mobile phone at all, you just think that when he locks the screen and he avoids you, it is contempt for you and hurts you.

his bank card, whether it is hidden or not

says, where a man's heart is, where is the money. Where the money is, the heart will follow it unconsciously. It seems that money is the password to test feelings. Sometimes, when we women fall in love, it is not because of vanity that we have to spend the boyfriend's money, but, sometimes, the attitude of a man to spend money directly determines the authenticity of the relationship. After eating a meal, I didn't spend a few dollars, but my boyfriend said, I have no money in WeChat, I forgot to bring my bank card, and my mobile phone is not tied to the bank card. Once, we believe, and twice, we still believe that in the long run, we feel that a man who is too stingy is not without money, but is reluctant to spend money on you and feels that you are unworthy. There are many lovers who have been talking for a long time, but can't get together in the end. Many reasons are that men are just reluctant to spend money on women, and feel that the purest love should not talk about money. However, on the contrary, the most pure love, a man never waits for a woman to ask for it, it is already fully equipped, and when a woman sees it, her face is full of spring breeze. Some feelings are lost in money. It's not that the money is too little, it's that the man doesn't spoil you enough. You see, a long-term love is not worth a blind date, and the blind date offers hundreds of thousands of betrothal gifts. Men are not ambiguous at all, and they marry when they say they are married. A large part of men's money is spent on women, which is the traditional way of marrying a wife and having children. Sweet words, eachother, are the soap bubbles of love. Although it makes people infatuated, it still makes people uneasy. Real money and silver are the actual actions, and decisively pay for it. This final decision is the unswerving commitment to the lover and the oath and commitment to marriage.

His mind, will you not let you touch

Anyone has a secret in his heart. Unspeakable scandals, embarrassing love failures, unhappy families, embarrassing things growing up that are too embarrassing to tell. Some men, you are very reserved in front of him, you can't let go of yourself, these are the men, who have a deep sense of government, they are mysterious, sensitive, fragile, suspicious, character, and obviously have a tendency to split. If you touch a little of his scar, he will change his face, and you will not be able to get off the stage. If you mention his terrible past, he will become angry and even threaten to break up. Such a man is terrifying to think about. An unpredictable man makes you panic. A man with an impure mind will make you undecided a lot of the time. In fact, in true love, you can't help but open your heart and reveal yourself, for fear that the other party will not understand. Because love is a firework that cannot be hidden. The raging burning will make many people unable to help themselves. The heart is told to the lover, and the heart is also seen by the lover at a glance. Those men who don't let you touch the heart and can't guess the heart are really worrying. Their dispositions are not cheerful, even a little dark. Therefore, if a man spoils you, he will treat you impeccably. He has almost no secrets to you, and even thinks that you are his sun, his everything. Love, we go both ways, no one should hide, tuck, a man who is not magnanimous is destined to not get the heart of a woman. And a happy marriage must be the man who spoils the woman. Women who are spoiled by men should cherish the people in front of them.

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