In the eyes of men, most of the following types of women are suitable to be "lover"

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In the eyes of men, most of the following types of women are suitable to be "lover"

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. When men pursue women, they are very rational and realistic. They know exactly what kind of woman can be a wife and what kind of woman is only suitable for a lover. Therefore, men will judge the final choice based on the performance of the woman. If they feel that the woman cannot enter the marriage, they will play the game and just play. When interacting with women, they are very good at acting. On the surface, they are in love, but in fact they are just consuming you. At this time, a man's love for a woman is usually a fake love, and he will not give his sincerity, let alone be responsible to a woman. When they feel that there is no freshness, they may leave. After all, in their eyes, a woman is not a candidate for marriage, but an ambiguous lover who will not give it sincerely. Generally speaking, in the eyes of men, most of the following women are suitable for being "lover".

1. Married women, men feel safest

Married women are usually the safest candidates in the eyes of men. When they pursue you, they don't really love you, but to play with you and to retreat at any time. Men see that you don't want to lose your original marriage, and they won't give up your family easily, so it's especially easy to get rid of. As a result, they will be more reckless, using you as a pastime to fill the void in their relationship. Whenever they are empty and lonely, they will come to you, play ambiguous with you, pass the time, and leave when they are done. They don't have to worry about your entanglement, they pinpoint your weakness, and they can retreat at any time. In fact, men only take married women as lovers and never think about being responsible. They are with you, just to fool you with love. When you are immersed in it, they have achieved their goal and can come to you for a private meeting at any time. Moreover, after you have been fooled by men, you have already betrayed your marriage, and they have pinched your weakness and will not allow you to be the master at all. When they need you, you have to obediently come to accompany them. They don't need you, and they can leave at any time without any worries. They see you as the safest lover, everything is for their own needs, not true love, and hope women will be vigilant.

Second, material women, men will only be a companion tool

Material women, in the eyes of men, are the most suitable lovers. On the one hand, this kind of woman can do it with just a little money, and men simply don't bother to give their feelings. On the other hand, men feel that the feelings exchanged for money and material things are not worth it, and they will only use women as a tool for companionship. So when they have an emotional need, they come to you for some freshness. Maybe, they send you a red envelope, or buy some gifts, or take you to a high-end restaurant for a meal, and you can easily win it. Therefore, it is generally difficult for material women to get the sincerity of men. If a woman does not have a correct attitude towards marriage and love, and measures love with material things, it is easy to encounter scumbags. In reality, there are many men who pursue women, and they like to find such women, because they are so provocative that they can get it with just a little effort. Some men see the weakness of material women. The more they like money, the easier it is to be let down. Men only need to show their financial strength, or pretend to be rich, to capture their hearts. In the end, men regard this kind of woman as a long-term lover, and they come and go.

Three, women with a lot of emotional experience, men just play.

For women with a lot of emotional experience, men don’t have real feelings at all, they just play Just play. In the eyes of men, this kind of woman has been hurt by men before, and then broke the jar, and doesn't care about her reputation, just to let them play as they want. They will not give their sincerity, but treat women as profligate tools, and the combination of the two parties is only what they want. Men know very well that this kind of woman can't be married and can only go out as a lover. Moreover, after the game is over and the game is broken, men don't have to be responsible, it is the most cost-effective deal they think. Furthermore, women who have a lot of emotional experience are not self-love themselves. They are willing to interact with the opposite sex and are willing to be men's lovers, and they are not worthy of sympathy. Normal women don't experience too much love at all, and even if they are unkind when they are in love, they will not indulge themselves. Only those women who enjoy themselves by talking about feelings will continue to interact with the opposite sex, accept all kinds of men's provocation, and have no self-respect. Therefore, it makes sense that they eventually became men's lovers. Ye Feifei yff Emotional Message: In conclusion, in the eyes of men, most of the following women are suitable to be "lover". Married women, men feel the safest; material women, men will only be a tool for companionship; women with many emotional experiences, men are just playing. Therefore, when a woman encounters a man to pursue, she still has to be more careful, and don't easily believe their rhetoric. The most important thing is that women must respect themselves and love themselves, and adhere to the principles and bottom lines in love, so that they will not be hurt. Some men are too conceited, they deceive women's feelings, but in the end they are irresponsible, and they are not worth dating at all. In short, men and women must abide by loyalty when dealing with relationships, adhere to the correct concept of marriage and love, and don't treat love as a child's play. Only in this way can you meet the real sweetheart, have beautiful love, and harvest the happiness you want. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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