In the eyes of women, what are the most "dropping" behaviors by men?

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In the eyes of women, what are the most "dropping" behaviors by men?

Today's society is a society with continuous development of civilization, and people's exchanges are very extensive, especially with the help of dating software platforms, the interpersonal circle has become larger. In social life, you will meet all kinds of people. Through communication, you can find that some people are worth making friends, and they can enjoy friendship and happiness from them. This is a good friend; personal interests are damaged. In the interpersonal communication between men and women, some men are very popular, and women are willing to associate with them, or become friends of the opposite sex, or develop into lovers, until they enter the palace of marriage; while some men are very popular, and there are not many women. Willing to associate with them, because what these men sometimes do is "drop out", which is self-destruction. Now, let’s talk about what are the most “dropped” behaviors of men in the eyes of women?

First: Be stingy and care about others

A man should have the spirit and spirit of a manly man, be open and aboveboard, treat others warmly and generously, Civilized behavior is welcome. If you are stingy in your words and actions, only focus on personal interests, and don’t think much about others, and care about others, this is not good. Especially between couples, men are not so generous when dealing with women, such as buying birthday gifts for women, daily meals, shopping in malls, etc. When it comes to falling in love, it is a common phenomenon that men take the initiative to give money. It is also a common phenomenon to spend some money for women. This requires men to be more generous. Soso.

Second: Love rhetoric, not trustworthy

When some men associate with women, in order to win the favor of women, they will They can say some sweet words, but they are just talking. They don't keep promises and don't keep credit. Such sweet words become sweet words, just to deceive women. After a long time seeing people's hearts, over time, hypocrisy will be revealed, and women will not associate with such men.

Third: very careless, sometimes dirty in words and deeds

Some men have been in the society for a long time, and they will be infected with some bad things It's a habit that a few buddies talk about the most about women, what to find a lover, what to "concubine a mistress", what a one-night stand, vulgar thinking, and low quality. Some men become obsessed, thinking all day about how to chase women. When you are with a woman, there is no bottom line at all, and there will be sleazy expressions in words and deeds, such as saying some dirty jokes and saying some hurtful things. It is very uncomfortable to watch, and women are not willing to associate with such vulgar and careless men. Men still have to respect themselves and love themselves. In the big refining furnace of society, they must keep themselves clean, reject vulgarity, strive to be the best, and constantly improve themselves to be a man with charismatic personality.

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