Tips for flirting with women: say the following three "love words", they love to hear them

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Tips for flirting with women: say the following three "love words", they love to hear them

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. Shakespeare said: "Women fall in love with their ears, but if a man can have love, he falls in love with his eyes." Indeed, in relationships, women are different from men, they are usually very emotional, and are naturally incapable of loving words from men. resistance. The more beautiful a man can say, the more emotional a woman will be, and they will subconsciously feel that the man loves her very much, so they can associate with you at ease. Sweet words are the easiest way to flirt with a woman at any time. In fact, it doesn't take a lot of money for a man to get into a woman's heart, but it lies in the tacit understanding between you and her, which makes her feel that they are fellow travelers. You have a common topic with a woman, and everything comes to her heart. She will definitely be more interested in you, and will naturally open up to you. Therefore, if you want to successfully catch up with the woman you like, men may wish to learn more skills of love words, which will easily impress women's hearts. In the end, men need to master the tricks of flirting with women: say the following three "love words", they love to hear them.

1. "You are so beautiful, you are my type"

In this world, every woman loves beauty and longs for it Get compliments from the opposite sex. Therefore, when a man pursues a woman, he must praise her more, constantly praise her for her beauty, and make her feel that she has the charm of a woman. And, after complimenting, you should also say in time: "You are the type I like." This sentence will make a woman very moved. She thinks that you are obsessed with her, and she will definitely pay more attention to you, and will naturally give you more attention. more opportunities. Women need to be firmly chosen by men, and you can give her a sense of belonging if you regard her as the most ideal object. In her heart, there will be a sense of satisfaction that "someone likes me". Once she recognizes you in her heart, she will naturally accept your pursuit. Therefore, when a man communicates with a woman, don't be too dumb, and you must have more sweet love words with women. Say more nice love words, without any cost, not to mention making women happy, why not do it? As long as you meet a woman, you have to praise her for being beautiful, say she is beautiful, and she is your favorite woman, which will make the woman particularly emotional. Of course, when a man praises a woman, he must be specific and not overly eloquent. For example, when you see a woman walking towards you, in addition to saying that she is beautiful, you might as well praise her skirt for being beautiful, or that this dress just sets off her slender figure. When your words of praise are specific to a woman, she will feel that you are very attentive and attentive, and will naturally cast a favor on you.

Second, "I'm always here, find me if you need it"

In relationships, women are most eager to feel secure, and need to be loved and cared by men at all times on. Therefore, when dealing with a woman, you need to care more about her and let her feel your presence. At this time, you might as well say this sentence more: "I'm always here, and I need to find me." When a woman listens to it, she will feel at ease, and she will not have to worry about encountering difficulties. She has someone she can rely on and is naturally willing to work with her. You are deeply involved. In life, whenever a woman is in need, you can appear at the first time and solve her problems, and you will be able to capture her heart. In this world, the most beautiful love words are not "I love you", but "I have always been". If you can truly be responsible for a woman and give her a strong sense of security, you can make her heart move. In reality, some men don't understand this. Although they love women on the surface, they can't see people when they need them, which makes women feel very insecure. Especially when a woman wants to find you, the phone can't get through, the news doesn't return, she will be instantly disappointed and feel that you don't care about her at all. Once a woman has no expectations for you, she will give up and will not continue dating you. Therefore, men must convey the meaning of "I am always there" to women to reassure her. And, when she needs you, you respond to her in time, come to her side as soon as possible, give her care and company, so that she can feel safe. As long as a woman has support in life, gets your spiritual comfort, and regards you as the most powerful support, she will firmly walk into the future with you.

Third, "Treasure, I will love you forever"

Sometimes, the more old-fashioned love words, the more attractive a woman is. When a man interacts with a woman, he might as well say more: "Treasure, I will love you forever." This sentence may seem very earthy, but it is very effective, and men can use it often. When a woman is in a relationship, she just wants to be loved by a man. As long as you tell her in a firm tone that she will love her for a lifetime, she will become dependent on you. Women are inherently very emotional and do not have much reason. If you speak sweetly and sincerely, she will think that you are someone who truly loves her. Furthermore, women all yearn to be a man's favorite baby. If you love her with your heart, she will definitely be more emotional to you. Therefore, when a man is with a woman, he must always say that he loves her. If you say this a lot, the woman will get used to it and treat you as an ideal object. Women love to hear sweet words, as long as you say these words more, she will like you more. For example, in terms of address, if you call her "bao" or "baby", she will feel a feeling of being pampered by you, and her heart will be sweet. You say that you love her for a lifetime, not only expressing your loyalty to her love, but also catering to her inner needs, and you will naturally be willing to be with you. In a word, men will say sweet love words, which can easily capture the hearts of women. Under the background of such words, women will feel that love is very romantic, so they look forward to going to love with you. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, when flirting with women, men may wish to say these three more "love words": "You are so beautiful, you are the type I like", and often praising women is a direct way to gain a woman's favor. "I'm always here, find me when you need it", give women the sense of security they want, and always care and accompany women. "Bao, I will love you forever", show sincerity and loyalty to a woman, and she will be willing to be with you. If a man wants to develop an intimate relationship with a woman smoothly, he must be good at saying these love words. This is the best way to impress a woman. The rest of his life is not long, and when he meets a woman he likes, a man should seize the opportunity and pursue it boldly. As long as you truly love her, make her happy, and give her happiness, I believe she will never leave you for the rest of her life. Two people love and guard each other, and they are of one heart to each other, which is enough to withstand the wind and rain in life and live a beautiful and happy life. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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