The old leftover woman who has been single for 10 years has two views on men, which is very sad after reading

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The old leftover woman who has been single for 10 years has two views on men, which is very sad after reading

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. In reality, people generally have certain prejudice against older leftover women, for example, they can't marry, they have low skills, they are worthless, no men are willing to take over, and so on. These words, with a sense of ridicule and ridicule, made many unmarried girls over 30 years old feel helpless and painful. People will only accuse the older leftover women, but who can really understand their hearts? In fact, for many older unmarried girls, it's not that they don't get married, but that they don't dare to get married rashly until they meet a real matching man. In this world, there has never been an age to marry, only love that should be married, isn't it? If every marriage requires a woman to complete it, such a marriage may not be happy. Why must a woman compromise? Is it to meet the needs of certain men and to pass on the lineage? I don't approve of women squandering their youth and love when they are young, but I also don't want them to compromise into a loveless marriage just because they are old. After all, the final misfortune of a marriage often comes from a woman's initial fortune, doesn't it? My friend, Miss Lin, is 40 years old this year. She has been single for 10 years. She has suffered a lot of grievances and accusations, which made her particularly painful. The family scolded her: "If you continue like this, you will end up alone, and it is a shame for the family!" Her own sister also disliked her: "At other people's age, the children are about to go to college, do you not want them anymore? Just get married. Forget the bachelors in the village." People outside even laughed at her and ridiculed her: "If you can't get married, no man would want this kind of woman. It's either a physical problem or a mental problem." In this regard, Miss Lin felt in her heart. She was particularly aggrieved. Every time she returned to her hometown, she had to face these ridicules, and she felt a lot of pain in her heart. However, in the workplace, everyone who knows her knows that she is a delicate woman, with a decent job, a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan, and a very high quality of life. She is a woman envied by others. In fact, it's not that Miss Lin doesn't want to get married, but she really hasn't met a man she's interested in. If marriage can't be based on love, she really can't do it. Sometimes, I have to sigh, why is it that the more delicate a woman is, the harder it is to find a partner? In this regard, Miss Lin said that she is not picky, but needs to find a man who resonates with her. Two people have a feeling of love and can be evenly matched. Only in this way can they be more perfect. However, her thoughts have not been recognized by others, and even relatives in the family objected, saying that she was picky and did not understand her at all. When talking with Miss Lin about marriage, she obviously had expectations, but she regretted it, because almost all the men around her were not her ideal objects. To this end, Ms. Lin expressed her views on men. To sum up, it is nothing more than the following two points:

First, if you have been single for a long time, it may be I don't need a man anymore

Ms. Lin has been single for 10 years and has been living alone. Although she is not loved by a man, she is not alone. Instead, she has a wide range of interests and a fulfilling life, improving every day and getting better and better. For example, she loves to study, likes to read in a quiet corner, and can write a lot of fresh words, and her thoughts are very rich. For another example, she likes sports, she runs and plays ball when she has time, and her physical fitness is very good. In fact, in her life, there is not much loneliness, but she is very comfortable and happy. Therefore, she said that she had enough capital and confidence to live the life she wanted. If she didn't meet the right man, why did she have to do it? Therefore, Miss Lin felt that after being single for a long time and getting used to the single life, she may not need a man anymore. Over the years, she has also participated in blind dates, but she always feels that the men on blind dates are too realistic. They either look down on her or laugh at her for not being able to marry, and there is no way to communicate at all. Some men even asked her as soon as she came up, if she could have children, was there any problem with your body? For these words, Miss Lin was particularly disgusted and felt very aggrieved. She was really disappointed that such a delicate woman was accused and laughed at by these men. Therefore, she rejected these men in her heart, and did not want to participate in blind dates. She felt that these people were not here for blind dates, but regarded marriage as a transaction. To this end, Miss Lin strengthened her mind even more. She didn't meet the right man, she couldn't understand and respect her, and she would not get married soon.

Second, marriage is the sublimation of love, not finding a man to solve needs

Li Ao said: "Women have only one view on marriage; There are a thousand and one opinions.” Indeed, in the eyes of men, marriage may take many forms, such as solving needs, having children, and so on. However, in the eyes of women, there is only one form of marriage, that is, it needs to be based on love, and they are united because of their heartbeat. Marriage should be the sublimation of love. Therefore, for the older leftover women, they will not get married easily, and they will not settle if they do not meet a man who is interested, and the two parties do not match. Furthermore, getting married is not about finding a man to solve their needs, let alone being rash, and they can't afford to gamble for the rest of their lives. If you marry an unsuitable man, it will be difficult to be happy in the future, and women cannot accept such a cruel reality. Just like Miss Lin, she made it clear that she wants to find a man who loves her, who loves each other, has equal economic conditions, and can understand and respect her. Otherwise, she would rather be single than marry a man with worse conditions than her. If there is no love, everything will be impossible. Maybe, Miss Lin's idea is a little perfect, but she can't be said to be picky. After all, every woman has the right to choose marriage. In fact, the last thing she likes to hear is this kind of words: "You are old, don't choose, hurry up and find a man to marry." Could it be that when a woman is old, she should find a random man to marry? She really can't do it, she has cried and been sad, but she will not compromise. Therefore, even though she has endured too much pain and grievance, and has been criticized and ridiculed by many people, she does not want to change her mind. Marriage is not about finding a man to solve her emotional needs, but about the sublimation of love. She felt that she was right. Ye Feifei yff Emotional Message: Joe Byron said: "Love is nothing but an external thing to a man, but to a woman it is the whole life." Indeed, women are not as sloppy as men in their relationships. They do not fully see men and have no love. The foundation, will not easily get married. After all, love and marriage are equivalent to a second life for women, and they really can't afford to lose. Even the older leftover women are the same. They won't compromise and get married just because they reach a certain age. In fact, they have their own opinions and can live their own way completely. Therefore, people need to give them more understanding and care, instead of blindly accusing and ridiculing. To sum up, older women who have been single for a long time have two views on men: after being single for a long time, they may not need a man; marriage is the sublimation of love, rather than finding a man to solve their needs. Therefore, the really high-quality leftover women do not actually have strong expectations for men. They will accept themselves, love themselves well, and let everything take its course. When they meet the right man, they dare to fight for it, but for the unsuitable man, they can also decisively refuse and will not give up. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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