Most of the women who are "fascinated" have three characteristics. If you pay attention, you will easily find them

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Most of the women who are "fascinated" have three characteristics. If you pay attention, you will easily find them

01Love lies in perseverance and single-mindedness, but these days, perseverance and single-mindedness seem to be a bit like luxury goods. If two people disagree with each other, they can break up at any time, so why are they persistent? If you see someone you like, go after him, no matter if he is married or not, as long as he meets my requirements. If you are not satisfied with him, you can change it at any time, and no one wants to wrong him. Young people especially advocate freedom and self, so how can love be specific? But if you want to live a good life and live a relatively smooth and happy life, love must be persistent and single-minded. Of course, persistence does not mean stubbornness, single-mindedness does not mean pedantic, but it is necessary to take love and marriage seriously. 02 When a woman is looking for a partner, she is afraid that the other party will be distracted. After marriage, if her husband is always outside, the marriage will definitely not be happy. Therefore, women all want to find a man who is persistent and dedicated to love. Only such a man is reliable, and it is possible to grow old with him. For those men who like to mess around outside after marriage, women marry him, as if they fell into a fire pit. This kind of man is extremely inferior, selfish, and has no morals at all. In fact, not only women want to find men who are persistent and single in love, but when men find women, they also want women to be persistent and single in love. The nature of human beings is similar, women long for a man who is always loyal to him, and a man also longs for a woman who is always loyal to him. 03 In ancient times, women had to abide by the three obedience and four virtues, and have the concept of chastity. Now times have changed, many feudal dogmas that bind women have been broken, and the social status of men and women is equal. The social status of women has improved, which is a good thing and a progress of the times. But for some women, it may be too liberating and start to go to the other extreme. They are extremely indulgent in their desires, being with this man today and with that man tomorrow, without any sense of shame. It is impossible for those "flowery" women to bring happiness to their husbands, but only to bring them "green hats". When looking for a partner, young guys can easily choose the wrong person without knowing which women are more involved. In fact, women who are fascinated generally have these three characteristics, as long as you pay attention, you will easily find them.

I like to be with men, and I am open to men

In this world, everyone has to associate with others Yes, no one can be completely isolated. Since you want to communicate with people, you must pay attention to the proportions, especially between the opposite sex. If the relationship between men and women is too close, it is easy to cause unnecessary trouble, of course, except for lovers. Lover communication is for the purpose of marriage, of course it is necessary to communicate intimately, which is also an important part of life. But if you are not a lover and don't want to develop into a lover, you should pay attention to maintaining an appropriate distance. But some women don't pay attention to this distance. They like to be with men, and they are open to men. They like to hang around among men, they like to chat with all kinds of men, and they enjoy the benefits of the heterosexual effect very much. When a man meets this kind of woman, she can be sure that she is very interested. She has many friends of the opposite sex, so naturally she has many opportunities, and it is unlikely that she will fix her feelings on you alone. Therefore, when a man is looking for a partner, he should not look for such a woman, otherwise it is very easy to give himself a "green hat".

Special material, money-worshiping woman

Special material woman, it sounds like she is just too obsessed with material pleasures It doesn't seem to matter. But in fact, these special material women, in order to meet their material needs, will unconsciously use men. If a woman wants to take advantage of a man and make him willing to pay for her, there must be a price to pay. What is the price? it goes without saying. There are not many rich men in life, and it is impossible to spend money for lovers forever. So women have to keep looking for prey so that they can pay for themselves. In the process of constantly looking for rich men, women become obsessed, constantly fleeing from the arms of this man to the arms of that man. Such women are not suitable to be wives, because they will not be able to live their lives peacefully, and men must understand this in their hearts. A woman who is too materialistic advocates money worship. As long as this man has money, that is the object of her choice. When this man runs out of money, she will turn her face immediately, and she will not be persistent and single in love. They are very practical and belong to mercenary people.

A woman who likes to play ambiguous and enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by stars

When a woman is pursued by a man, there will be a sense of satisfaction and pride. She will think how attractive she is, how beautiful she is, that will make men fascinated and crazy for her. This kind of psychology, in fact, every woman has it, but it's just a little bit stronger or not. But how to deal with this kind of psychology, then different women have different practices. If a woman who is persistent and single-minded in love also likes the person who pursues her, then she will cherish it well, enter into marriage with the pursuer, and join hands with her for the rest of her life. But if she is a woman with a heart, she will be immersed in this kind of enjoyment, and have this kind of relationship with more opposite sex, and play ambiguous. This kind of woman enjoys the feeling of being surrounded by stars and the moon very much. She can't be devoted to a certain man, and she will never give up a forest for a tree. Because a woman who has a lot of heart has dealt with men a lot, she is well aware of the weaknesses of men and will hold men firmly. Those men who want to live a good life at home after they get married should still be less exposed to this kind of woman. This kind of woman is suitable for being a courtesan and a public lover, not a good wife and mother. 04 A man's love will not get a woman's sincerity, nor will he be happy; the same is true of a woman's love, no man is really willing to marry such a woman. Love is exclusive, you fall in love with this person, and hope that she is the only one in her heart. If you find out that she has other men, and more than one, then she doesn't deserve your love at all. Love is mutual, you love me, and I love you too. One-sided feelings are not mutual love, but unrequited love. Women are too careless and will be looked down upon by men. No man will take a woman who is "everyone" seriously. Therefore, women should clean themselves and love themselves, and don't let themselves lose their price. When a man is looking for a partner, he should also keep his eyes open, and remember that a woman with a heart is not suitable for marrying home as a wife.
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