After the "intimacy" of the opposite sex, the man who treats you like this is mostly just playing with you

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After the "intimacy" of the opposite sex, the man who treats you like this is mostly just playing with you

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. In a relationship, both men and women are eager to meet true love and hope to have a beautiful love. However, in reality, some men do not give their sincerity. Once they are intimate, they do not cherish it, and the relationship soon dissipates. Such a man is insincere and firm in love, has no intention of going into the future with a woman, and has no sense of responsibility. Even, some men have a heart in their hearts. On the surface, they are flirting with you, but they are actually playing ambiguous. Once they get it, they will not cherish it. Therefore, women need to be careful in their relationship. Before seeing the true heart of a man, they should not blindly love, so as to avoid being unkind. Generally speaking, after the "intimacy" of the opposite sex, the man who treats you like this is mostly just playing with you.

First, the attitude is cold and doesn't care about your feelings

After intimacy, the man's attitude becomes cold and doesn't care about you anymore Feelings, most of them just don't love them anymore. This kind of man does not really love you. Before he gets you, he will be very enthusiastic about you. Once he gets it, he will not cherish it. They are suddenly cold to you, nothing more than showing their true colors, but you are only now realizing it. When you get along with this kind of man, you will never be happy at all, no matter how much you love him, it is difficult to get his pampering. In his heart, you are just an ambiguous object. He has no new feelings for you, and will naturally leave you and find another woman. Therefore, women must not be blind in their feelings, let alone lose themselves. If you find that a man doesn't really love you, it's best to stop the loss in time and don't consume yourself on this scumbag. Their feelings for you are not pure, and you are not just a woman. If they continue to entangle, they will inevitably be hurt. A man who truly loves you will love you more than ever after he gets you, work hard to give you the best happiness, and will be responsible for you all his life. On the contrary, men who don't love you will only be ambiguous with you. They never want to give you happiness, but just play with you. Therefore, when you see the true face of this kind of man, don't be attached, even if you love him again, you must force yourself to let go, so as not to delay yourself.

Second, suddenly becomes stingy and refuses to pay for you

After a man is intimate with you, he suddenly becomes stingy and refuses to pay for you, it means that he not really love you. Such a man, before he gets you, will be very generous, no matter what you need, he will satisfy you. To further reassure you, he may buy you a lot of gifts, or send you a lot of red envelopes, making you think you have found true love. However, his ultimate purpose is to get you. Once you are unguarded and let him succeed, he will be let down by him. This kind of man is particularly irresponsible for his relationship. After he gets you, he feels that there is no need to pay any more. Whether you want to be with him or not, he doesn't care at all. If you stay by his side, he won't cost anything anyway, and he can continue to be intimate with you. On the other hand, if you leave him, he will not be nostalgic. Anyway, he has already succeeded, so he will not cherish you. If you leave, he can find another woman. If you want him to pay for you, he will ignore you at all and will find many excuses to perfunctory you. Before, how generous he was to you, how stingy he is to you now, he won't spend a penny. Therefore, after intimacy, a man will never pay for you again, you should understand that he has never loved you, just playing with you. When encountering this kind of man, women should stay away as soon as possible, don't consume it, it's not worth it.

Three, never mention marriage, like to break up with you

After intimacy, a man never mentions marriage, but likes to break up with you, it means he doesn’t love you . This kind of man, the purpose of dating you is to play ambiguous with you, not to marry you. On the surface, he pretends to love you very much and promises to marry you in the future, but in the end, he is "painting a big cake" for you, and not a word is true. If you believe him and love blindly, you will be hurt, and when he has had enough, he will abandon you ruthlessly. Even if you offer to marry, he will perfunctory you, and after he stabilizes you, he will often disappear, so that you can never find him again. When a man treats you like this, it's actually obvious that he doesn't love you, but just plays with you. When my friend Xiaozhu fell in love with her boyfriend, the boyfriend promised to marry her in the future, coaxing her into a circle. However, after two years of dating, her boyfriend has never mentioned marriage, and every time Xiaozhu brings up this topic, he deliberately avoids it. Originally, Xiaozhu was a very conservative girl, but she loved her boyfriend so much that when her boyfriend proposed to live together, she agreed without much thought. Her boyfriend coaxed her to say that he would get married at the end of the year, and he would give her a lot of dowry at that time, buy her a house, and let her live a happy life. However, after the real cohabitation, the boyfriend never mentioned marriage again, Xiaozhu waited for two years, but in the end there was nothing. Later, her boyfriend didn't care about her or cared, and often disconnected from her, and the people who wanted to find him became an extravagant hope. Therefore, after a man is intimate with you, he never mentions marriage, but instead disconnects from you, it is enough to show that he does not love you, everything is just for fun, women must stay away from this kind of man. Ye Feifei yff Emotional Message: Balzac said: "Actually pretended love is more perfect than real love, that's why many women are deceived." In relationships, women must remain rational and never lose themselves. To avoid encountering scumbags. In communication, once you find that a man is abnormal, stay away and don't consume yourself on an unworthy man. To sum up, after the "intimacy" of the opposite sex, the man who treats you like this is mostly just playing with you. The attitude is indifferent and does not take into account your feelings; suddenly becomes stingy and refuses to pay for you; never mentions marriage, and likes to disconnect with you. For such a man, women should not be nostalgic and leave decisively in order to avoid future harm. Your love cannot be given to irresponsible scumbags. Only by placing it on a man who truly loves you can you get the happiness you want. I hope that every woman can meet true love and be treated gently by men all her life. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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