Middle-aged: life is dull, but your heart will shine

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Middle-aged: life is dull, but your heart will shine

Every day is actually the same. We are all ordinary men and women in the mortal world, guarding a job, living in ordinary houses, without luxurious decorations and luxury enjoyment. Ordinary life, day after day. I have always felt that when I compare with others horizontally, I will always feel lost. Compared with my past, my heart will be magnanimous and bright. After middle age, we are no longer as reckless as when we were young, and we no longer compete with life. We have learned to persevere slowly, and we have learned to compromise and endure.

Be a woman with vitality

I especially like this passage: A woman with vitality can be soft in the family, or crazy in her career, The meaning of life is to experience and endure. We can be crazy about love, or turn around and leave; we can raise children and be gentle and lingering, or we can work crazy and create value. When we know how to continuously stimulate our own energy to create more beauty, then the vitality of life will be revealed one by one. Before, I was a woman who was worried about gain and loss. After resigning, I was immersed in self-doubt for a long time. I don't know what to do, and I never know how to make a little effort and change. Now, I'm slowly learning to listen to my inner voice and try more things. Life is for tossing, and the reason why we feel that the energy of life is slowly withering is because we deny ourselves again and again. Take that step bravely, and all the good things will come to you. The worldly vision, the suspicion and slander of others, are all put in the corner, doing what you want to do, without asking anything. There are a thousand reasons to give up in life, but there is only one reason to persevere: I am willing. No gossip, no denial or question can stop us from exploring. In this world, there is no 100% correct way of working hard, mastering your own rhythm, and persevering a little bit, you will definitely hear the sound of flowers blooming.

Life is dull, every persistence is meaningful

Unconsciously, I have been writing for five years. All I do is do one thing all the time: sit down and type. Writing has become a part of my life. When we continue to pay for something, it becomes more and more meaningful. In fact, love is the same. When you continue to invest in a person, then this kind of love has another layer of meaning attached, and the person in front of you becomes unique. Can endure all loneliness, endure all setbacks. You and I are all little dust, but both are my only one. Everyone's enemy is not someone else, but himself. When you start to do something, you are always full of confidence and smug, and slowly, you will slack off. The beginning is half the battle, but perseverance makes you see the flowers bloom. We can't control the external environment or the ever-changing world, but we can constantly adjust our mentality and adapt to new changes. In the face of setbacks and difficult environments, turn a corner and continue to persevere, maybe you can encounter new opportunities at the corner. In recent years, the reading data in the field of self-media graphics has continued to be sluggish. I was working alone as an account, and looking at the daily declining data, I couldn't find a way for a while. Later, I learned to make videos slowly, and the data came up. To turn a corner is not to give up, but to change to another way to let yourself persevere.

Work hard and you will shine too

These days, chat with a friend who has been writing. In the past few years, she has been writing reading manuscripts, almost 6,000 words a day, and sometimes 10,000 words a day when she is busy. Writing full-time will inevitably require a lot of effort, but she has been sticking to this field, and her monthly income is still considerable. Face everything with your heart, and in your own position, you too can shine. Someone once asked me: what is the use of hard work? The meaning of hard work does not necessarily point to success, but it can bring profound experience to life. Instead of focusing on success, we need to focus on our own growth. The environment is very important, but trying to create an environment and sticking to it has a different meaning. Staying in the "comfort" zone all the time, sometimes it's not your forward attitude, but your own laziness. Persist in doing it, try hard, and then you will know if you can do it. All the doubts before this will only hinder your growth. I especially like this passage: You don't have to turn against the wind, but please be born with the sun. You don't need anyone to give the sun, we ourselves are the sun. Choose a field you like and keep cultivating, you will find a different kind of wonderful. When you run, there will be wind; when you walk out, you will reach the other shore. Life has no meaning. Life is a kind of experience and suffering. May we become more courageous and create more beauty.

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