Mother is critically ill, woman returns to her parents' house, husband after 4 days: Don't blame me for being rude if she doesn't come back to serve my mother again

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Mother is critically ill, woman returns to her parents' house, husband after 4 days: Don't blame me for being rude if she doesn't come back to serve my mother again


Marriage in the model of male outsider and female insider, which has lasted for thousands of years, is very important for contemporary people in marriage. The "positioning" has had a profound impact. There are good and bad effects, but the negative effects on women are very large. For example, women's division of labor in the family is mostly "family management", which leads a large number of men to treat their wives as free babysitters. Some extreme men don't even see their wives as adults. Xiaohui (pseudonym) returned to her mother's house to stay beside her dying mother, but was insulted and threatened by her husband.


The most anxious and painful day in Xiaohui's life was the day her mother's critical illness notice came down. The 38-year-old Xiaohui has reached middle age, which means that she is getting old and her physical conditions have begun to decline, while the child has only entered junior high school, and the old man is getting older. years of crisis. Many middle-aged couples get through this stage together, and their relationship will get better. Of course, there are also many middle-aged couples who divorced during this time. Xiaohui and her husband divorced when she was 38 years old. The 13-year-old daughter chose to live with her own mother, and then they were asked to leave the house. In fact, when Xiaohui married her husband, she was too naive. The honest Xiaohui and her parents felt that the man had paid all the money to buy the house, so they were embarrassed to ask for Xiaohui's name. Over the years of marriage, the couple should have saved a lot of money, but the husband has been eating soft meals at home for 3 years. The husband eats, drinks, consumes, and lays down at home without making any money. He almost runs out of money. Now that he is divorced, Xiaohui only gets 200,000 yuan. Helpless, she could only take her daughter back to her parents' home. Talking about the reason for the divorce, Xiaohui hated her teeth. When she was young, Xiaohui was also a beautiful girl with a beautiful appearance and a small family. Her husband Wang Qiang (pseudonym) was her classmate. At that time, there was another boy from a good family who pursued Xiaohui, but Xiaohui did not dare to climb high. At that time, most of the people were more sincere, and Xiaohui's own financial conditions were average, so she didn't dare to be with that rich boy, for fear that others would say that she was trying to make money from others. Wang Qiang's family's economic conditions were similar to those of Xiaohui's family. At that time, he was also glib and humorous, and was able to deceive those little girls who were not familiar with the world, thinking that he was very charming. The two agreed to go to the same university, and then fell in love in the university. As a result, Wang Qiang's grades were too poor to be admitted to the same university as Xiaohui. At that time, parents advised Xiaohui to break up and not be with this boy who was not as good as her. But Xiaohui was conservative and did not break up with Wang Qiang. Two years after graduating from university, they got married. After marriage, Xiaohui has better and more decent working conditions than her husband because her diploma is higher than her husband's, and her salary is higher than her husband's. Therefore, her husband always says that she has no face, and that Xiaohui does not want him to live. At that time, the saying that "women should give men face" was very popular, and Xiaohui followed the trend and often comforted her husband. In this way, the two stumbled and lived for more than ten years and had a daughter. When Xiaohui was 38 years old, she was serving her mother-in-law who was sick and bedridden. Every day after get off work, she hurried home to cook, and then sent her mother-in-law to the hospital. The husband, who was laid off for 3 years to eat idle meals, spends all day in the hospital claiming to accompany his mother-in-law, but in fact he is playing games idle in the hospital. When Xiaohui came in the evening, her husband would even go out of the hospital to drink and eat kebabs with his friends. Seeing her mother-in-law lying in bed, Xiaohui also began to worry about her mother. Xiaohui's father died of a heart attack two years ago. At that time, Xiaohui was working overtime. The incident happened suddenly. When she rushed home, her father had died, and she could not see her father for the last time. So out of sympathy for her mother-in-law, Xiaohui took good care of her. She didn't bother to complain about her husband, she just felt tired. However, just one evening, when Xiaohui came home from get off work to make a sick meal for her mother-in-law as usual, she suddenly received a call saying that her mother had been in a car accident. Xiaohui went out in a hurry and went straight to the hospital. Because her mother was too old and hit so badly, her internal organs ruptured, and she almost couldn't be saved. The doctor issued several critical illness notices that night, causing Xiaohui to sit on the ground in a trance. . Later, it was her daughter who ran to the hospital to accompany Xiaohui after hearing about it, which made her mood gradually become normal. Fortunately, her mother was rescued in the end, and Xiaohui burst into tears outside the ward. In the past few days, Xiaohui still worked hard to cook for her mother-in-law, and then she lived in the hospital and accompanied her mother with her. The daughter learned to cook very sensible and helped Xiaohui cope with her mother-in-law's situation. Xiaohui's mother was discharged from the hospital. She was worried and decided to go back to her parents' house to accompany her mother. But in this case, she can't take care of her mother-in-law. Xiaohui didn't dare to leave her mother, so she ran back to her mother's house every time she got off work, for fear that something would happen to her mother while she was away. Fortunately, it was summer vacation, and her daughter volunteered to take care of the elderly for Xiaohui, otherwise Xiaohui really didn't know what to do. Xiaohui thought that her mother-in-law has a husband to take care of her, so she can cook at her mother's place and let her daughter take her to the hospital, so that she can accompany her mother. However, 4 days later, the husband called and yelled angrily: "Hurry back and serve my mother! How can you do this to a daughter-in-law? Do you still understand human affairs?" Xiaohui was stunned and asked: "I I asked my daughter to bring food for you, there is nothing serious about my mother-in-law, I have to stay at home with my mother..." Before she could finish, her husband interrupted her. The husband said: "If you don't come back, don't blame me for being rude!" After that, he hung up the phone. The next day, the husband gave Xiaohui a "Divorce Agreement", saying that if Xiaohui did not go to the hospital to take care of his mother, he would divorce Xiaohui! After Xiaohui saw it, she had mixed feelings for a while, and couldn't help laughing out loud. She readily agreed to divorce her husband. It is precisely because of poverty and high pressure of life that she is even more reluctant to live with a person who constantly puts pressure on her and blocks herself. Divorce is a relief for her.


In marriages, there is often a class of people who may be deliberately or unconsciously suppressing their spouse. Often, we call this behavior a "compliance test," and if the party being oppressed keeps on enduring and giving in, the next time they're going to be exploited more severely. This unhealthy marriage will either last until one party dies, or it will end in marriage. One: Escape from an unfortunate marriage, the sooner the better. In fact, think about it, a person has to bear the oppression and exploitation from his lover from his youthful years in his 20s, from marriage until he is buried. This is a very scary thing. Even if you are full of love for him now, this love will surely dissipate in the perennial pain. Therefore, in the face of an unfortunate marriage, long-term pain is worse than short-term pain, and the sooner the divorce, the better. Many times people are reluctant to give up their lover, because the dual pressure of feelings and reality makes them feel inferior, and they dare not separate from their lover to find the next relationship. They may be intimidated by the time cost and emotional cost they pay. Because of their poor conditions, they think that they can never find a partner, so they dare not break up. With this idea in mind, they will always choose to give in and endure in their marriage, and become the target of their spouse's spiritual abuse. Two: Don't belittle yourself, you are qualified to deserve better. Many times, many people are afraid to let go of what they have already obtained and look for new substitutes. This is the case with careers, so is love, and even the common people play stocks. Without this courage, ordinary people basically dare not drop anything that looks bad in their hands. They will always tell themselves not to be fools who "pick sesame and lose watermelon", and don't give up easily. So they will subconsciously deny their worth, thinking that they can't find a better, or even the same good lover they have now. The fault of underestimating one's self is most likely to damage people's self-confidence. But at the same time, many people forget that being single is more comfortable than having a terribly bad partner than being with him for the rest of your life. After all, single people only have to grapple with why they don't have a partner. And people with bad spouses often struggle with when they can live their lives and die early. Text/Fenghua

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