When a boy is in love, there are 3 sensitive topics that should not be touched

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When a boy is in love, there are 3 sensitive topics that should not be touched

Falling in love and finding a partner are not only human instincts, but also an art and a knowledge. It is also necessary for men and women in love to learn some skills and methods. After all, falling in love is not born to anyone. To fall in love, you need to date and chat frequently, chat during daily mobile phone calls, WeChat voice chat, and chat after meeting. Through chat, you can deepen mutual understanding and trust, and can enhance the goodwill and feelings of both parties. Of course, some people are in love, because they don't have much experience and think carefully, but they talk about those sensitive topics that shouldn't be discussed. , and even affect the development and outcome of love. When a boy is in love, there are 3 sensitive topics that should never be touched!

First: The girl's family financial condition and personal financial condition

When chatting, it is best not to ask the girl's family financial condition and personal financial condition. Personal economic status, because this is a matter of personal privacy, no matter whether the girl's family economic conditions and personal economic conditions are good or bad, they are reluctant to tell others. If you ask stupidly, it will easily lead to misunderstanding by the girl, and make the girl think that you are in love with her because you value her family's economic conditions and personal economic conditions, which is a bit of a snobby suspect.

Second: Girls' previous emotional experiences

Never ask girls about their previous emotional experiences when chatting, such as when they were in college Have you ever been in love? How many boyfriends have you had before? Are all the boyfriends I've talked to taller than me? This topic is also a very important privacy for girls. Sometimes, apart from being willing to tell their girlfriends, they usually don't tell others, let alone their boyfriends who are in love. This is something that girls are very taboo about.

Third: My own appreciation and opinion of her opposite sex

Some boys sometimes chat casually when chatting , talk about his appreciation and opinions of her opposite sex, such as what kind of girl he likes, especially pointing at the women who are walking on the street. It will arouse the girl's disgust and think you are heartless. In short, don’t involve the other party’s privacy when chatting, and it’s best not to talk about your own privacy. It’s better to talk more about topics that both parties are interested in, and talk more about the other party’s life, work, etc. mutual trust and affection.

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