Lending money to my brother-in-law for transportation, but not paying it back after losing money

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Lending money to my brother-in-law for transportation, but not paying it back after losing money


Everyone thinks differently and communicates differently. Some people think that brothers and sisters have to settle accounts clearly, so as not to hurt their feelings; some people think that since they have a good relationship, they can use each other's things freely, and the other party can use their own things. As long as we don't talk about borrowing money, people can get along even if they have different ideas. I am most afraid that someone will take advantage of others and use "good relationship" as a shield to consume other people's true feelings. Xiao Lu (pseudonym)'s brother-in-law treats him as an ATM machine, and he never thinks about paying back the money when he borrows money, which is too much.


Xiao Lu lives in a fourth-tier city with his wife, one son, one daughter, parents and a family of six, and it is about 30 minutes from the city center by bus The price here is not high. His family's house of more than 100 square meters is on the first floor and is worth more than 1.5 million. When Xiao Lu was young, he was a talented student of medical school. After graduation, he worked in a large hospital for several years. But because Xiao Lu was fat, and being a doctor always had to work night shifts, his body was a little overwhelmed. Those years of work were too stressful, he lost his hair crazily, and became fatter, so he finally had to quit his job. . After Xiao Lu resigned, he was very confused, and it was at this time that he met Xiao Wen (pseudonym). This girl, Xiaowen, is very powerful, pungent, strong, and beautiful. She and a few old classmates rented a front house in a logistics park in the suburbs of the outer ring of the city to do logistics business together. Xiao Lu knew how to drive, so he and Xiaowen delivered together. The two stayed in the car almost all day, eating and chatting. They gradually deepened their understanding of each other and cultivated feelings for each other. After the two met, Xiaolu was responsible for driving, and Xiaowen was responsible for inventorying the goods and arranging the route. The two cooperated very sweetly. In the past few years with Xiaowen, Xiaolu's body has also become healthier. Xiaowen often accompanies him to exercise together, which makes him less anxious. So Xiao Lu was very grateful to his girlfriend and felt that his girlfriend was simply an angel sent by God to save him. Xiao Lu is a kind person who knows how to be grateful. He cherishes Xiaowen who accompanies him and never abandons him. When he earns enough money, he proposes to Xiaowen directly. After the marriage, the two took out a loan to buy a house. In order to repay the loan, they worked even harder to make money by delivering goods. Later, they gave birth to a daughter, and three years later, gave birth to a young son, and the family of six lived happily. In fact, just looking at Xiao Lu and Xiaowen, you can see that they are both down-to-earth and hard-working people. They treat their children and their parents carelessly. When buying a house, they just buy a big house on the first floor, no matter how expensive it is. The house was also bought by gritted teeth. They are people who want to earn a good life with their own hands, and life has not treated them badly. The delivery business became more and more prosperous. Xiao Lu hired a few people to drive with him, but because he was old, he didn't want to drive anymore. He made bills in the store every day and arranged delivery orders for employees. And Xiaowen also relaxes. She has a low education level and can't help the children with their homework, so she simply opened a snack bar. Xiaowen's cooking is delicious, and he is eager to learn. He is in his forties, and he went to learn how to make noodles with the old master. He started a snack bar by himself, and the business is also very good. She used the money she earned to hire teachers and take special classes for her two children. Life does not treat the couple badly, but relatives will. This relative is Xiaowen's younger brother, that is, Xiaolu's brother-in-law. One word to describe my brother-in-law is "outrageous". This person has a very bad personality, and is lazy and lazy, but he is spoiled by his mother. There are several sons in the whole family. . It's not that my brother-in-law doesn't have a girlfriend. He is very good at tricking women into falling in love with him, but he just doesn't get married and is irresponsible. One day, my brother-in-law came to the door and opened his mouth to ask Xiao Lu to borrow money to do business. Xiao Lu was helpless, but seeing his wife Xiaowen's face was embarrassed, he didn't directly reject his brother-in-law's request to borrow money, so he could only follow his wife's wishes, and he was accustomed to this brother-in-law. It's just that he asked his brother-in-law what business he wanted to do in advance, and the brother-in-law said that he wanted to buy a car for transportation. Xiao Lu pondered, it is impossible for people to lose money by pulling goods anyway, this is not a serious business. So Xiao Lu gritted his teeth and lent the money to his brother-in-law. But he forgot that this brother-in-law is not an honest person, he may lie! Half a year later, when Xiao Lu heard that his brother-in-law had lost all his money, he was completely stupid. After some inquiries about Xiao Lu, I found out that, in fact, my brother-in-law was in the business of raising cats with his friends and friends. He borrowed money to buy a car to facilitate the transportation of pets, feed, cages, etc. Pets come. And my brother-in-law invested all his own money in the buddy who was the "company owner". However, my brother-in-law doesn't know anything about raising cats, and was fooled by those friends with sick cats. My brother-in-law sent the cat to the customer, and the customer would complain directly to him if there was a problem, and the police would also arrest him, but the friend had already taken the money and ran away. Brother-in-law was finally charged for being suspected of fraud. Not only could he not be able to return a penny to Xiao Lu, but he had to lose money. Xiao Lu was in a hurry. He borrowed 100,000 yuan to his brother-in-law. What about the money now? Xiaolu called his brother-in-law, but the other party said, "I'm your daughter-in-law's brother, what else do you need?" and hung up the phone. Xiao Lu took the IOU to go to his brother-in-law to reason with him, but his mother-in-law came to persuade him: "Don't talk about the two families as a family, and don't ask for the money." He wouldn't be able to pay back the money for his son, so Xiao Lu could only take his brother-in-law to court and force him to pay back the 100,000 yuan. Of course, the two families also had a lot of trouble because of this incident, and they even fought.


In real life, there are many such sad stories. Relatives who do not repay the loan are simply the uncle among the uncles. When you ask someone from the older generation, you will find that his brother or sister still owes him 30,000 yuan, and it has not been repaid for 8 years. This fact is all too common. Many honest and simple people are very easy to be soft-hearted and become ATMs for relatives. One: Don’t lend money to someone who is soft-hearted when you know that your relative’s character is not good, especially if you know that the relative’s character is not good enough for you, don’t lend it to others. From ancient times to the present, "how to deal with borrowing money from relatives" is a very artistic knowledge, and people who are more honest and responsible, and who believe in what others say, it is best not to lend money to anyone. As a result, this kind of person is embarrassed to ask for the money to be lent to others. Second, if the relatives' character is not good, it is even more difficult to get the money back. Relatives with poor character are also a problem for ordinary people, and the means for such people may not be useful, and may cause the other party to tear their faces and deliberately cheat. And their purpose of tearing their faces is also to repay their debts. In the end, the relative couldn't do anything, and if he wanted money, he had to go to court. Two: Both men and women, they must understand that it is a very interesting thing to maintain the humanity of their small family after marriage. Some people are very strong to outsiders, and they are also strong to honest people in their relatives, but they are spoiled. The blood relatives are very indulgent. He usually behaves fairly justly, but once he encounters this blood relative, all principles are useless. This kind of person has the potential to be a helper demon/girlfriend demon. Of course, when they do this, it is very easy to hurt the feelings of their spouses and children. After marriage, both men and women should pay more attention to small families, but many people can't understand this. Therefore, the situation in the above case will appear. A capable and capable strong woman, but she has infinite connivance with her younger brother, and would rather let her and her husband's hard-earned money go to waste than scold her younger brother. Of course, it is very likely that in the eyes of such a person, her giving the money to her brother is not a waste of money, but "I am happy". Their attitude is also a sign of disrespecting their spouse. After all, the money is the common property of the husband and wife. Their attitude only represents themselves, and they cannot force their spouse to ignore the money. As a result, there is a crack in the emotions between the family members. Text/Fenghua

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