Su Min came home from a self-driving tour and filed for divorce from her husband: women who have seen the world only love themselves

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Su Min came home from a self-driving tour and filed for divorce from her husband: women who have seen the world only love themselves

Su Min, a middle-aged internet celebrity who travels by car. After traveling abroad for two years, and having returned home, my husband didn't even greet him at all, he just threw out a word: Do you still have the face to come back? Can't get along outside? It seems that self-driving tours can't save her marriage at all. Perhaps, from the moment she left, she has long held no hope for this relationship. In this world, there is indeed a kind of marriage, which is used to block yourself. In the past two years, Su Min has relied on videos and brought goods. In fact, her income is also good. She changed her RV and updated a lot of equipment. She drove alone to see the scenery in various places. By the way, she made videos of her experiences along the way and shared them with netizens. The self-driving tour healed her inner wound, but there was no way to save her marriage. This marriage, in fact, was already dead after years of emotional ravages.

The AA-based marriage has already existed in name only

Su Min and her husband have been married for many years. But since the two people got married, they have always been AA financially. In addition to work, Su Min also needs to take care of children and handle housework. In addition to work, the husband has always been a shopkeeper when he comes back from work, and has never taken on family responsibilities. In Su Min's own words: "To live with him, not only will I not pay him a penny, but I will also cook for him, clean and do laundry for free every day. These are all things we should be doing as a family, but we need to be economical. Community!" Su Min lived very carefully in this marriage, and couldn't really be herself at all. If her husband doesn't eat spicy food, she can't eat spicy food. What TV her husband watches, she also depends on what she should watch. When her husband lost his temper, Su Min could only swallow her anger. Su Min has been enduring this kind of marriage for the sake of the children. Su Min complained occasionally, but her husband would punch and kick, and even hit someone with a stool when he was so angry. Under this heavy pressure, Su Min couldn't breathe. When my daughter grows up, I help my daughter to take care of the child, which is a period of respite.

Depressed and tortured, she abandoned her husband and children to wander.

Su Min brought up her nephew. If she continued to return to her husband, she would definitely be unhappy. At this time, she accidentally saw a blogger's self-driving tour sharing, and instantly decided: I want to go out for a walk. In this way, she used part of the money earned from her part-time job to buy a car, simply prepared some items, and went on the road alone. On her account, she shared her 30-year marriage for the first time and boldly started a new journey. In the past two years, Su Min made various friends and formed his own team. Her popular videos have received millions of views and gained hundreds of thousands of fans. Even, the book "Over 50, I Decided to Run away from Home" was published. Accounts on various platforms will receive advertisements, and their income has also increased a lot. This way, she went better and better, and she went further and further, starting from Henan, all the way to the south, over the mountains, seen the sea, and also saw the snow-capped mountains. That's how life is, and when we start a new life, there's more to come. A woman in her fifties, traveling alone by car, requires courage and continuous learning. No matter what age you are in, you can create a better life.

Going home is for reunion, leaving to find herself

This time, Su Min is mainly to see her mother and her nephew by the way. As for her other half, it's not that important to her anymore. Whether it's cynicism or verbal humiliation, it's not that important anymore. After all, the two years of experience were enough to change Su Min's cognition. For a short time together, I only regard my husband as an old friend, and I won't speak ill of me, nor will I make futile efforts. Su Min said in the video: After my arm recovers, I will still choose to set off. Su Min's predicament is a portrayal of many women in China. When I was young, I sacrificed my own happiness for the sake of my children. When I'm old, I want to go out for a walk, but I don't have the courage. In fact, people spend their whole lives in order to get rid of the expectations of others and live their own life. Su Min, who had been wandering for two years, could not save her marriage, but slowly healed her heart. The husband is not a necessity. The beauty of life does not need to be defined by others. Soon after, Su Min will set off again. This time, not to escape marriage, but to enjoy the journey. She will keep going south until the flowers bloom.

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