45-year-old woman's third marriage self-report: At this age, a man has only one purpose for marrying you

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45-year-old woman's third marriage self-report: At this age, a man has only one purpose for marrying you

One rush, another failure, three failures, one failed marriage is enough to give us a splitting headache. If we experience two failed marriages, then a person's expectations for marriage will be more or less weakened. One of my The reader is such a person. In the communication between her and me, it was very clear that this woman has experienced two failed marriages, and is currently starting a third marriage through the introduction of a friend. She didn't have much hope at first, after all, it was rare for them to talk about romance at their age, so she just wanted to live a good life and make her life less lonely in the future. It's just that Murphy's Law tells us that the more we expect something, the less something will happen, and the more we fear something, the more we experience something. This reader of mine just wants to live a good life, but life refuses to satisfy her even this small request, making her suffer those unnecessary blows again and again.

45-year-old woman's third marriage self-report: At this age, a man has only one purpose to marry you

The reader is 45 years old and has long passed At the age of wanting romance, in her opinion, marriage can be done without vows and vigour. After all, they are halfway husbands and wives, so they just need to live a smooth life. However, since his third husband got married, he has never been in the kitchen, never done housework, or even handed in his salary card. A series of expenses such as gas bills, utility bills, etc. bear. Marriage is lived by two people and cannot be borne by only one person, so readers have repeatedly suggested that he should bear part of the expenses, but the other party will either pretend to be deaf or change the subject. want to touch. Later, it may be because the reader said it too many times, and the man got bored, saying that he got married to save trouble, and he got married at this age only to have someone to take care of him. In other words, he just wanted to find a free Just a babysitter. The reality is always cruel, breaking a person's heart again and again, and the reader's expectation of living a good life is also annihilated. She naively thought that everything would be all right, but the truth is that at the age of forty, a man If you marry you, there is only one purpose, and that is to have a free babysitter, that's all.

A relationship in middle age is just a choice after weighing the pros and cons

Sibling love is no longer an unpopular way of love Yes, most women would fall in love with a little fresh meat in their early twenties, even in their forties. Some will enter the marriage hall, and falling in love with Xiaoxianrou will give them the illusion that they are still young. Therefore, some people are invested in such a love, but they lose everything. In the emotional show "Battle of Love", there is a pair of sisters and brothers who are 16 years apart in love. The man said that he was willing to marry a woman, but he was only greedy for her resources, contacts and economic strength. When a man becomes good, without exception, she becomes the outcast. After all, everyone likes young people. Whether a man is eighteen or eighty years old, they always treat their feelings exclusively, that is, they like young girls. Therefore, if a young man at the age of 40 says he is willing to marry him, please understand that it is only the result of the other party weighing the pros and cons. He is greedy for the care of an older man, and he wants to find a smart one. Teammates, you don't have to worry about anything, just let the other party carry the burden of life. Moreover, young people think this way, especially those men who have experienced the baptism of wind and rain. They have seen too many joys and sorrows, and they have seen the beauty and ugliness of the world, so they are better at weighing the pros and cons and know what to do to satisfy themselves. best interests. Therefore, if a woman encounters so-called love in middle age, please consider it carefully.

A woman's value should not be limited to marriage

There are always people who regard marriage as a compulsory topic, as if life were without marriage It will become incomplete. In fact, for women, marriage is more like an additional question. If you do it right, you will add points, and if you do it wrong, you will not lose points. If we are obsessed with letting our own value be reflected in marriage, then our mentality will become impatient, and we may not have a good judgment on marriage at this time, and we may go to the doctor in a hurry. Therefore, if there is no suitable person to accompany you to experience the joy of marriage, it is better to try to live alone. Just like a passage written by the writer Bai Luomei: "On the streets of red dust, walking alone, green radishes brushing over the skirt of the clothes, blue clouds wet the promise. Mountains and waters can be forgotten, and the sun and the moon can have nothing to do with each other. At that time, there was only one person's happiness in the world, and one person's small water flow." Life does not have to be limited to one thing, as long as we are willing, in fact, a person's life can still be prosperous.

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