A truly noble woman will not mention these 3 topics when she gets along with a man

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A truly noble woman will not mention these 3 topics when she gets along with a man

Yu Gege in the TV series "Dog Fighting" originally planned to betrothed to Dai Tianli. Although the Iron King's Mansion is down, Yu Gege is of the blood of the orthodox royal family, so she still holds the air of her own. However, Dai Tianli is a man of chauvinism. He felt that Yugege was too arrogant and not suitable for him, so he did not agree to this marriage. Later, Natulu's father felt that marrying Yugege would make him shine on the lintel, and Natulu also thought that Yugege was beautiful and noble, and it was his blessing to marry her. So, the two of them tied the knot. When I watched this TV series for the first time, I only thought that Yugege was beautiful, but I didn't understand what noble meant. It was clear that Yugege had no money. When I look at it when I grow up, I feel that a woman's nobility is more attractive than beauty. It is the temperament emanating from her bones, which is integrated into her gestures. Nobility can also be reflected through a person's words and deeds. When you get along with noble people, the process will be as comfortable as a spring breeze. Psychological research shows that truly noble women do not mention these three topics when they get along with men.

Tucao on your ex, go up and down

There are always people who like to talk about their ex and what they are talking about At that time, he was also keen on exporting the bad things about the other party, in order to express his disgust for the last relationship. They thought that in this way, they could make other opposite sex feel that they had a clean break from their previous relationship and their ex. As everyone knows, this kind of behavior of worshiping high and stepping low will arouse the disgust of others to a certain extent. Just think, the so-called breakup shows character, no matter what the result is, when two people are together, the process is sweet and beautiful. After breaking up, the best way to deal with it is to forget about each other in the arena, never interact with each other, and have no emotions at all is the best way. Fitzgerald wrote in "The Great Gatsby": "Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, remember that not all people in this world have been Those superior conditions you have." In addition, when people communicate with each other, personality is also a very desirable component. Therefore, there is no need for us to slander our ex, nor to express our deep disgust.

Export one's own strengths and rhetoric

Carnegie said: "True wisdom is to know how to restrain one's own light and avoid stabbing others and others. Make enemies." It's not inferiority complex, but it's definitely not conceited. If we are already excellent, then we can release our charm appropriately, but it's not to show off, not to exaggerate. When dealing with men, we must understand that to promote a relationship in a good direction, it is not what we say, but what the other party says. If we have always been exporting our advantages, we have always been rhetoric, then in the whole process of getting along, we have always been in control of the right to speak, leaving little opportunities for men to express themselves. It's not to tell men how good we are and how smart we are, nor is it to be completely humble and low in the dust in front of men. But to learn to inadvertently, to bloom their wisdom and confidence. We can let men show themselves, but we can also control ourselves and life. When men release their charm, we can also release a signal that we are not bad. Neither humble nor arrogant, unassuming, unhurried, low-key and elegant, such a woman will make men want to dig further surprises.

Ask your ex, lose your senses

I remember when I was just with my boyfriend, readers always like to ask my boyfriend and ex Some details, at that time, she did not find the unpleasant emotions on her boyfriend's face. Until later, when faced with the topic of his ex, his boyfriend chose to be silent, but at this time, the readers did not observe the words and kept asking questions. Finally, the boyfriend broke out and felt that the reader was looking for trouble, using the pain of others as a bargaining chip for his own amusement. But in fact, the reader didn't think that way. She asked just out of curiosity. As a result, she only cared about her own feelings, but ignored her boyfriend's feelings. Lin Yutang mentioned in "The Art of Speaking": "Speaking is equal to expressing, but to express a good sentence requires ingenuity. If you can't speak well, it is easy to offend people." Many times, we fail to participate in a person. The past itself is regrettable, so you want to know what the past of the other person is like. But for the person being asked, this is an offense, forcing the other person to reveal their scars to us to satisfy meaningless curiosity. It is very important to keep your mouth shut. Some things can be asked, and some things are unnecessary. Mastering the proportion is the way to get along between men and women.

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