December 8, 2016

Had the pleasure of directing a music video this fall for the talented IDA HAWK. Here are some stills. Can't wait to share this little piece of magic. 

Devon and I ventured into the sand dunes for some photoshoot times. 



Devon and I ventured into the woods in East Hampton to take some photos. 






September 19, 2015

Here are some photographs from my last visit to Europe.


 Doors of Versailles.

 Spooky trees of Versailles.


 Palace of Versailles.

 Notre Dame thumb.

 Marie Antoinette chateau.


 Dead Zoo. Dublin, Ireland.


 Vatican City.

 Dead Zoo,




September 19, 2015

Traveling accross the West to LA. Made a couple stops at the Grand Canyon and Colorado. Here are some of my photos.









September 8, 2015

I have been in Telluride for the past couple of days for the Telluride Film Festival and to visit my new nephew, Max.


I went on a trip up a mountain with Telluride Offroad Adventures and it was incredible. Here are some photos to prove the magical quality of Telluride.


September 2, 2015


I've been really inspired by white wash walls recently. Further, my 90's kick is out of control and I cannot stop loving the iconography associated with Calvin Klein. Here are some photos I took in lieu of my recent fasincations.


I like the idea of making the subject...

July 18, 2015

A peak into my collection.

 This awesome horse painting.

 Pressed flowers.

Vintage postcards. 

 Roman Catacomb postcard.

 Postcard collections: London, Rome, Istanbul and Paris.


July 16, 2015




July 14, 2015

Photographs with foil and smoke bombs.

 Foil face.

 Music Lover.

 Smoke chest.

 Christmas light, casset tape and foil chest.

Casset tape and christmas chest. 


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